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During the long hot summer months, the best places to ride your ATV is on the coast with ocean breezes or high in the mountains where the air is cool. One state in the nation has plenty of ATV ride parks in both of these locations, as well as many other types of terrain to enjoy year-round. Oregon became the 33rd state in 1859. With 16 State and National forests and nearly 400 miles of coastline, it is one of the best states for ATV riding, especially in the summertime.
Following is a list of the parks, ride areas and trails that make Oregon one of our favorite vacation destinations. Keep in mind, Oregon has some of the strictest sound regulations in the nation. Limits vary from 92db in the coastal dunes to 99db in the eastern deserts. Don’t let this discourage you from riding there, however. Maybe if more individuals would take the initiative to keep their ATVs quiet every state would have as many ride areas as Oregon does.
Description: The track itself changes from week to week, varying in length from 3/4 mile to around one mile. The track is a very nice loam that is almost entirely rock and dust free, with some sand mixed in. There are small doubles, big doubles, triples, tables, straights and sweepers, and everything in between. Additionally, they have port-a-pottys scattered throughout the site, as well as clean bathrooms (with showers). Linda’s Snack Shack has excellent food at good prices, and they even have a pool for warm weather.
Phone: (541) 928-4474/(541) 791-2914
Website: www.albanymx.com
Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 5 p.m.-9 p.m.
Description: Fully enclosed indoor motocross track, 36,000 square feet of groomed track. Concessions, big screen TV, viewing loft.
Phone: (503) 647-9995 or (503) 647-9444.
Website: www.highsightmx.com
Hours: 7 days a week: 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
Description: Full scale AMA standards motocross track; downhill mountain biking with elevated trail system; peewee and ATV tracks; freestyle compound with foam pit.
Phone: (541) 447-7555.
Website: www.prinevilleadventure park.com
Hours: Tues/Sun 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Description: The track is a mile long. The Tabletop is a 75-footer. The finish line triple is about 82 feet. Several doubles, two step-ups, two step-downs, whoops and a nice rhythm section make up the rest of the track. Stop by and check them out on your way up or down Interstate 5. It’s a great track right off I-5 in Southern Oregon, just four minutes from the freeway.
Phone: (541) 855-1549.
Website: www.rvmx.com
Hours: Sat/Sun (8 a.m.-3 p.m.) and Wed (2:30 p.m.-6 p.m.)
Attractions include MX track for four-wheel ATVs and motorcycles, a mud bog area for four-wheel drive vehicles. Racing areas provide designated pit areas, and spectator areas are protected by fencing. Other on site activities include a radio-controlled aircraft landing strip, shooting ranges, archery and sporting clays.
Phone: (541) 882-1098
Directions: Follow State Highway 66 south out of Klamath Falls, pass through the town of Keno and continue until you see signs for the park on your right.
This system is 8.5 miles of linear, clay soil trails, steep hills and sidehills.
It is open all year unless closed due to snow, fire danger, or wet soil conditions.
Phone: (541) 383-4010.
Directions: To the north end of the trail from Prineville, go north on N. Main for 12 miles to the Forest Boundary, then another 2.5 miles to the junction with Road 33. Follow Road 33 for 4.5 miles to the trailhead.
The North area is 181 miles of sandy trails, rolling hills and open cinder pits.
The area is open for OHV use on designated trails and routes from May 1st through November 30th. Three staging/parking areas as well as information kiosks can be found.
Phone: (541) 383-4010.
Directions: From Bend, take Hwy 20 east about 25 miles. Turn north on red cinder road about half a mile west of Millican. Trails can also be accessed from the Millican/ODOT pit.
 This 30-mile trail is on the east side of Mt. Hood and winds through open pine and mixed conifer forests. Rolling terrain crossed by creeks and dotted by openings in the forest cover provide an interesting ride. Some areas afford views of Mt. Hood and of the Central Oregon high desert. Follow marked trails only.
Phone: (541) 328-6211
Directions: Take US Highway 26 to State highway 216 and drive to the intersection of USFS road 2110. Turn north and drive one mile to the 2110-230 spur and take that to the McCubbins Gulch Campground. The 2110 road approximates the eastern boundary of the riding area.
The East Fort Rock OHV trail system lies on the east side of the Bend/Fort Rock Ranger District of the Deschutes National Forest. Trails are well signed and mapped and provide a full range of difficulty from easiest to most difficult. There are two staging areas, two trailheads, and four designated play areas. It provides 318 miles of trail for casual and competitive use covering about 110,000 acres and ranging in elevation from 4400 to 6400 feet.
The trail system is designed for Class I and Class III ATVs which are ATVs (quads or three-wheelers) and motorcycles less than 50-inch width. The trail system is open all year; however hot, dusty conditions normally inhibit riding from mid-July through September and cold, snowy conditions inhibit riding from mid-December through March.
Phone: (541) 383-4010.
Directions: From Bend: follow Hwy. 20 east about 20 miles. After crossing the Horse Ridge Summit, turn right on the second road, Spencer Well road (paved Road 23). Proceed south for 5.5 miles until the road forks. Take paved road 25 to the right and follow the signs to the Camp II Trailhead.
At over 8400 feet, Crane Mountain is the highest point in Lake County. At this elevation, opportunities abound for full 360 degree panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Along the eight-mile trail, terrains range from rugged rock to easy flat areas,  and opportunities for all riding experience levels are available. The High Desert forest and sagebrush lands provide a breathtaking and relaxing experience, making Crane Mountain an appealing place to ride and relax.
Phone: (541) 947-3334.
Directions: Follow US Highway 395 north from Lakeview to state highway 140. Proceed east ten miles until you reach USFS Road 3915. Drive south ten miles until you reach Road 4011 and follow until you see the signs.
The 15-mile Mount Fanny trail system runs through forested, mountain terrain. There are excellent opportunities for viewing wildlife, including peregrine falcon. A number of points along the trail offer panoramic views over the Grand Ronde River Valley. The Forest Service plans to improve the riding trails in this area including connections to points south.
Horse and mountain bike riders also use this trail, so please use caution. The northern portion of this area is sometimes referred to as the Indian Creek Riding Area.
Phone: (541) 963-7186.
Directions: Follow State Highway 82 north from LaGrande, turn right on Market Lane to Gray’s Corner, turn left and follow to County Road 62. Follow for 3.5 miles to Forest Service road 62, continue for eight miles to Forest Service road 6210, turn right and follow for five miles to trailhead.
Elevations in the riding area vary from 4600 feet near Cable Creek, to almost 6900 feet at Tower Mountain. Topography includes gentle to steep side slopes and some tablelands. The area is forested with western larch and varieties of fir and pine. Most of the 140 miles of trails are maintained for use June through September. Individual trails may be closed at times due to conflicting use or hazards. Be alert: obstacles such as downed trees and washouts can develop between trail inspections.
The Winom Creek Campground, at the southern staging area, offers seven campsites with tables, fire rings, vault toilets and two group shelters. Frazier Campground, at the northern staging area, offers 18 campsites with tables, fire logs, a day use area with shelter and vault toilets. No potable water or trash removal.
Directions: Take USFS Road 52 southeast from Ukiah 22 miles to USFS Road 52440 and turn south. Follow to Winom OHV Campground Trailhead.
The Winom-Frazier OHV Complex gives off-road riders and other users more than 140 miles of challenging trails as well as access to scenic views, fishing, hunting and other recreational activities within the Complex.
Directions: Take State Highway 244 east from Ukiah to USFS Road 5226 and turn south. Follow 1/4 mile to Frazier Campground Trailhead.
The Complex is located approximately 60 miles south of Pendleton, 35 miles west of La Grande and 12 miles east of Ukiah, with access from state highways 244 and 395, and Forest roads 52 and 5160.
The Prospect OHV Trail System lies in the Prospect Ranger District of the Rogue River National Forest. Trails are well signed, mapped, and provide a full range of difficulty from easiest to most difficult. There are four staging areas, and one designated play area. It provides approximately 219 miles of trail for casual family use covering about 125,00 acres, and ranging in elevation from 2600 to 6300 feet. The trail system is open July 1 through October 15. It is comprised of approximately 213 miles of trail and shared-use forest roads (roads that are open to both OHV’s and public traffic). The Woodruff Play Area is open between June 15 through November 30. The play area contains a sandpit, and approximately six miles of trail opportunities including a MX track, and a learner’s loop.
Phone: (541) 560-3400.
Directions: From Medford follow state highway 62 east about 51 miles. Turn left on forest road 68 (paved) at the Woodruff junction. Follow forest road 68 approximately one mile, and then turn right following the signs to the Woodruff OHV staging area.
This high elevation, 13-mile alpine trail traverses the Elkhorn Ridge reaching over 8000 feet in elevation. Riding in this area is limited to the Elkhorn Crest Trail itself, and off-trail riding is prohibited. The trail is only open in the summer and is limited to class three ATV’s.
Phone: (541) 523-6391.
Directions: Follow Pocahontas road west from Baker City for seven miles to Forest Service Road 6510 turn south and follow for eight miles to trailhead at Marble Pass.
The 60-mile route crosses sagebrush covered landscape, rough rocky fields, dense and open conifer forests, hidden meadows, and rustic bridges over wild creeks providing a primitive back country riding experience. The topography varies from gentle to steep rocky slopes that provide a variety of challenges to the rider.
Phone: (541) 446-3351.
Directions: Staging areas are available for overnight camping at Elk Creek campground, along the South Fork Burnt River (eight miles west of Unity) and Oregon campground, 12 miles northwest of Unity on U.S. highway 26. Blue Spring Summit provides a day use staging area on the Sumpter-Granite highway.
This high desert area, located 20 miles east of Bend, provides a wide variety of riding opportunities for both novice and experienced riders. The area north of highway 20 is rockier and contains more canyons. Juniper trees abound throughout the area. The area south of highway 20 is flatter and the soils are sandy. This location is more suited to beginning riders. Both areas are closed for part of the year to protect wildlife and plants at times when they are most vulnerable in this harsh climate.
Phone: (541) 383-4010.
Directions: Follow US highway 20 east from Bend toward Millican. To enter the south riding area, turn south on Evans Well road and stop at the information board there for further directions. To enter the north area, turn north on the Cinder Pit road and stop at the information board. Both roads are just west of Millican.
The Millican/ODOT pit provides an opportunity for riders ranging in abilities from beginner to advanced. A beginner play area and learner’s loop are fenced off from the rest of the pit to provide separation and safety for those just learning to ride. The advanced pit offers mounds for jumping in a variety of sizes. Trails into the North Millican trail system are easily accessible from the pit.
Two portable toilets, information kiosk and dispersed campsites are available on site. There is no garbage collection or water.
Phone: (541) 383-4010.
Directions: From Bend, follow hwy 20 east about 26 miles to Millican. Proceed east another mile to the pit on the north side of the road.
The Rosland play areas provide opportunities for riders ranging from beginner to advanced. Separated beginner and advanced play areas provide safe opportunities for riders of all ages and experiences. Large mounds and open spaces in the advanced pit allow for jumping and motocross type riding. The beginner play area also has mounds and open spaces but is smaller. There is also access to a learner’s loop out of the backside of the beginner play area.
The Rosland Recreation Site also has 3.5 miles of trails classified as easiest. The trails wind through lodge pole pine in sandy soils. The trails are all wide enough to accommodate Class I (quads less than 50 inches) and Class III (motorcycles) ATV’s. Camping is allowed in the parking areas of the Rosland recreation site. There is a vault toilet and picnic tables but no water or garbage service.
Phone: (541) 383-4010.
Directions: From Bend, follow Hwy 20 east about 21 miles. After crossing Horse Ridge Summit, turn right on the second road, paved Spencer Well road 23. Proceed south for two miles to the first staging area.
This riding area was created by the diligent effort of the Motorcycle Riders Association. The group owns approximately 180 acres of land and has a lease agreement with BLM and Boise Cascade Corporation. The trailhead can be reached via Jackson Reservoir road or BLM 38-3-10.
Trails follow a mountain ridge system which separates the Applegate and Rogue Rivers. Vegetation consists of mixed conifers and hardwood forest, with considerable brush. A number of creek drainages also cross the trail. There are over 14,000 acres open to Class I, II and III ATVs and the trails are open year round. On-Site Facilities include a parking lot and loading ramp.
Phone: (541) 770-2200.
Directions: Take I-5 to the state highway 238, Jacksonville exit and head west on 238. Turn right on Jackson Creek road and follow to the end of the road; or continue through Jacksonville to BLM 38-3-10 and turn right. You will end up at 3040 Biddle road.
The 37,000 acres the Sunflower OHV area are open year round to off-highway vehicle travel. Many wonderful viewpoints can be found throughout the area. The remnants of a fire lookout are still present on the top of Ant Hill. It also affords a great view into Bologna Basin. Although no formal ATV routes are designated, the terrain allows for some off-road travel and there are numerous unused or low standard roads. Pay attention to land boundaries, as there are areas of private land within the riding area boundary. ATV roads open to standard vehicles must comply with Oregon state vehicle laws. The area is made inaccessible by snow to all but snowmobiles during winter months.
Phone: (541) 676-9187.
Directions: Follow state highway 19 east through the town of Spray to state highway 207. Turn and head north until you reach USFS Road 23. Follow 23 east into the riding area.
This site consists six square miles of rolling hills covered with sagebrush open year round. In addition, a 1/4 mile drag strip and an oval track have been developed. Mountain bikers also frequent the area, and in the spring this is open grazing land. Use caution when approaching low visibility areas and be considerate of other land users. Pay attention to public land boundaries and do not trespass on adjoining private land.
Phone: (541) 523-1256.
Directions: Follow state highway 86 east from Baker City, at the crest of Flagstaff Hill turn south on Ruckles Creek road. Proceed about one mile to the gravel staging area on the north side of the road.
At this point, there are over 100 miles of trails open to ride with trails for all three classes of OHV. There is also an old rock quarry that has been developed as a rock crawl for the 4x4 people. Currently, primitive camping is available. Full hook-ups and showers are planed for construction. The trails are open year round for ATVs and snowmobiles are allowed in the winter.
Phone: 541-989-9500.
Directions: From the West: From I-84, take exit 147 south on highway 74 through Ione and Lexington. In Lexington, highway 74 joins highway 207. Continue south on 74/207 to Heppner. Continue south out of Heppner on highway 207 towards Spray. 32 miles south of Heppner, stay to the left and continue on highway 207 towards Spray. The Park is on the left between milepost 22 and 23 along highway 207.
From the East: From I-84, take exit 182 and head south on highway 207. At the stop sign in Lexington, turn left towards Heppner and Spray. Continue south on 74/207 to Heppner. Continue south out of Heppner on highway 207 towards Spray. 32 miles south of Heppner, stay to the left and continue on highway 207 towards Spray. The Park is on the left between milepost 22 and 23 along highway 207.
This OHV trail system is operated and maintained by the U.S. Forest Service in partnership with the Emerald Trail Riders Association (ETRA) and the State of Oregon ATV Fund. The Huckleberry Flats OHV Trail parking and picnic areas are DAY USE ONLY facilities. This trail system is open to Class I and Class III vehicles. It is closed to Class II motorized vehicles, bicycle, horse and hiker use. Although throughout the designated trail area there are a number of two-way shared-use native surface and gravel roads, this is a one-way system.
Phone: (541) 782-5202.
Directions: Exit highway 58 at Westfir turnoff, turn left after green bridge, continue two miles to covered bridge. Continue straight ahead on Forest Road 19 (Aufderheide Drive) 14 miles to Forest road 1928. Right on Forest road 1928 for four miles to parking area, or from Oakridge, turn left at stoplight (Crestview St.), right onto W. First street left onto Oak street. Continue up hill, bear right onto High Prairie road for 6.5 miles to the end of the pavement. Follow Forest road 1928 for four miles to parking area.
The 29-mile McGrew Trail is an extremely rough and rocky trail that requires a minimum of six hours to drive. It is best traveled from East to West. The trail has a couple of sloughs that are best left for the dedicated rock machine and very experienced riders. Most choose to take the by-passes. The trail ends close to Sourdough Campground. McGrew is best experienced in high clearance four-wheel drives. Class I’s are not recommended due to the heavy rock and Class III should only be ridden by the most experienced riders. McGrew is an extremely remote trail. Travel on the trail is not recommended for single vehicles. There is a wet season closure on this road to reduce the threat of spreading Port Orford cedar root rot.
Phone: (541) 471-6500.
Directions: The McGrew Trail is accessed by driving (from Grants Pass) south on highway 199 to the town of O’Brien, turn right (west) on county road #5550, the Lone Mountain road. (This road becomes Forest Road #4402). Proceed approximately four miles to Forest road 4402-019. McGrew Trail requires high clearance vehicles and four-wheel drive.
15.5 miles of clay soils, steep to rolling hill terrain make up the area which is open April 1 to November 30, and closed December1 to March 31 to protect soils.
On-Site Facilities are limited to one staging/parking area, one vault toilet.
Phone: (541) 383-4010.
Direction: From Terrebonne, take Hwy. 97 north. Two miles north of the Crooked River Gorge, turn east on Park Lane for approximately two miles to Forest road 57. Follow road 57 about one miles to the main staging area.
Santiam pass is marked by eroded volcanic peaks, cinder cones and lava flows. A mixed conifer forest of pines, hemlock and fir covers the area. Nearby Big Lake is the largest body of water in the area. A trail system is under development and currently offers 1500 acres for Class I, II and III ATVs. Restrooms, telephones and drinking water are located within five miles of the site.
Phone: (541) 822-3381.
Directions: Follow US Highway 20 to USFS Road 2690 a few miles to the west of Santiam Pass. Head south on road 2690 to the Big Lake. The riding area is to the west.
The 40,000 acre Jordan Creek and Diamond Mill area is characterized by steep, rocky mountains (1500-2700 feet) covered with 30 to 50-year Douglas fir planted after the Tillamook Burn. The canyons and stream bottoms are covered with alder, maple, and cascara and cut by swift rocky streams. The rainfall average is 90-120 inches per year and winter riding is strongly discouraged. The trails are difficult and may be steep, narrow, rocky and rutted. This riding area is not suitable for beginning or novice riders. OHV recreationalists need to expect log trucks and logging activity at any time. All trail bikes and ATVs must have a valid ATV sticker and a USFS approved spark arrester. Ride safely, never ride alone and respect other users of the forest. Please be considerate of private property adjacent to the area.
Phone: (503) 842-2545.
Directions: Follow state highway 6 to milepost 22.8, turn north on North Fork road, follow signs to Diamond Mill staging area.
Browns Camp provides day use and overnight camping with access to the forest trail system. About 50 miles of motorcycle, ATV and 4-wheel trails are opened and maintained by the Department of Forestry and volunteers. This riding area provides easier terrain and wider trails, making it more suitable to the novice rider.
Rogers Camp is popular with multiple users including horseback riders, mountain bikers and hikers. Please be considerate of other forest users and alert for the potential to encounter log trucks on the roads.
Over 20,000 acres of riding for Class I, II and III ATVs are provided in the spring summer and fall months.
Phone: (503) 357-2191.
Directions: Follow State highway 6 west from Forest Grove to the summit, milepost 33, and turn south on Beaver Dam road. Follow the signs to Browns camp or Rogers Camp.
The Trask area is a large forested area covered with Douglas fir planted after the Tillamook Burn. Trails traverse steep, rocky mountains (1500-2700 feet) and may be narrow, rocky and rutted. The trails are rated more difficult to most difficult and not suitable for beginning riders. The rainfall average is 90-120 feet per year and winter riding is strongly discouraged. All ATVs must have a valid ATV sticker and USFS approved spark arrester. ATV recreationalists need to expect log trucks and logging activity at any time. Ride safely, never ride alone, and respect other users of the forest.
There are over 40,000 acres with trail for Class I, II and III ATVs. The trails are open spring, summer, fall. Trails closed during fire season.
Phone: (503) 842-2545.
Directions: From state highway 6 just east of Tillamook, turn south on Long Prairie road and drive for two miles to Trask River road. Turn east and follow for 14 miles past East Fork road.
The trails here cover a highly modified landscape crossing many logging roads and through a forest of second growth Douglas fir growing in tree plantations. Several creeks run throughout the 6000-acre-plus riding area. A popular challenge area involves a BPA Powerline corridor having steep ascents. The land is characterized by a checkerboard ownership pattern of BLM and private lands managed for timber. Respect private property and do not use it without permission. Do not ride on Shotgun Creek Road; this road is very active as people access Shotgun Creek Park, making riding in this area very hazardous. Amenities at the park include flush toilets, telephone and drinking water.
Phone: (541) 683-6600.
Directions: Follow I-5 to the 105 exit and head east into Springfield. Take the 42nd Street exit, head north and follow as it turns into Marcola road. Follow for 12 miles through the town of Marcola to Shotgun Creek road, turn west and follow 1.5 miles to intersection with BLM road 15-1-32.
The trail has several 180-degree switchbacks at the Champion Creek end. It climbs steeply and then levels to a steady climb. The trail is an easy 1.5 to two-hour ride. A picnic table and primitive toilet is available at the fire lookout on top. A small picnic site is available at the junction at the base of the Lookout road. An active mine is visible from the Lookout on the northwest side. The return trip has two options. If time is a factor, Sharps creek is an easy run. Champion Creek is much more scenic and offers several mine shafts at road grade to look in. They are dangerous and not to be explored. The old Champion mine site is at the base of the steepest decent. A walk back to the old shaft is guaranteed to cool you off on even the hottest of days. You will also see many mining claims posted along the creek.
Phone: (541) 942-5591.
Directions: I-5 to Cottage Grove. Follow the Dorena Lake signs heading East. Continue on past Dorena Lake. The two-lane road turns into a single-track paved road just past Disston. Continue to a bridge that takes a slight left turn and crosses the creek. Champion Creek road is to the right. Champion Creek road is signed. Just a short distance is a bridge; just across the bridge to the left is the start of Noonday Trail. It is easy to drive past. It is signed.
Riders of all experience levels will find challenges on the sand dunes north of Sand Lake Estuary. There are ecologically fragile areas within the park which are closed; be sure to consult with the rangers before riding. Riders are encouraged not to drive on established vegetation. Take special care riding over dune crests and in other limited sight range places. Sandbeach Campground fees are $16 per site, $8 for each additional vehicle. Currently the Sandbeach campground is closed during the winter months because of flooding. West Winds, East Dunes, Derrick road and the sand are open for business year round. See the fees above.
On-site facilities include restrooms, telephone, site manager, and drinking water, nearby groceries. There are 101 campsites open March through September. The months of May through September, 60 of the sites are reservable and the remaining 41 sites are on a first come, first served. During March and April, all sites are first-come, first-served. Camping allowed in parking areas year round.
Phone: (503) 392-3161.
Directions: Follow US Highway 101 to Sand Lake road, approximately fifteen miles south of Tillamook. Turn west on Sand Lake and follow signs to Sand Lake Recreation Area.
Christmas Valley contains 11,000 acres of sand dunes available to ATV use. The area “open” to vehicles is surrounded by several sensitive areas with more restrictive vehicle designations. The Fossil Lake area is closed to vehicles (and is fenced off), and in the Lost Forest vehicles are restricted to roads which are posted open. Although the bare dunes are open to vehicles, since they are within a Wilderness Study Area vehicles are required to stay on trails that are posted open until they reach the bare dunes.
 There are no facilities, except for portable toilets on Memorial Day weekend. If you plan on camping, bring your own firewood: gathering of any wood within the Lost Forest/Sand Dunes area is prohibited.
Phone: (541) 947-2177.
Directions: Follow state highway 31 south from Bend about 60 miles and turn east on County road 5-10 toward Fort Rock/Christmas Valley. After about 20 miles turn left (east) on 5-14 to the community of Christmas Valley. Continue east past Christmas Valley approximately ten miles, then turn left (north) on 5-14D and go eight miles to a “T”. Turn right on 5-14E, and follow it until you see signs for the Sand Dunes.
There are sand roads and designated rides between South Jetty to the Siltcoos River (Florence area). An interesting feature of this dune section are five large “tree islands.” These islands are remnants of older forests that have been surrounded by the dunes. They serve as good landmarks to find your way under foggy or dark conditions. Running parallel to the beach along the west side is a mile-long stretch of smooth, wet sand. It is often referred to as “the drag strip.” The area is best known for South Jetty Hill, fondly called “Show-Off Hill” by OHV enthusiasts. The OHV rider will find large sand dunes and five tree islands (closed to OHV access) within the riding area boundaries. A noise buffer closure is in place on the eastern boundary. The beach adjacent to riding areas is open to OHV access. The area has a 10 p.m. curfew.
Directions: From Interstate 5, take route 136 west from Eugene. Head south on hwy. 101, this 40 miles of dunescape is made accessible at many points along the Highway.
Wind-sculpted sand dunes towering to 500 feet above sea level provide numerous recreational opportunities including off-highway vehicle use.
From Florence to Coos Bay, the Oregon Dunes extend for 40 miles along the Oregon Coast. Formed by the ancient forces of wind, water and time, these dunes are like no others in the world. These are the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America and they hold numerous opportunities for adventure and solitude
There are sand roads and designated rides between South Jetty to the Siltcoos River, small areas with the highest and most dramatic dunes in Umpqua Riding area, and large areas with varied riding opportunities between Spinreel and Horsfall
Phone: (541) 271-3611.
Directions: From interstate 5 head west on route 42 at the town of Winston.
All primary vehicles are required to have a Oregon ATV permit and a red flag, 8x12 inches, nine feet above the ground when leaving the pavement.

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