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FIX-IT: How-to Widen your ATV

Aug 26, 2016Comments off3048 Views

Great handling and stability are key in ATV racing and riding, but we can’t all afford top-notch equipment for our machines. Over the years, the

This is pretty much the whole kit. With these supplies at hand, there are very few common mechanical issues that we can’t resolve. The bag gets seriously banged and rattled off-road, so note that as many of the hand tools as possible are contained so they don’t bang around and potentially get lost.

UTV GO-BAG: Everything you should take with...

Aug 25, 2016Comments off116 Views

For decades American Express has used the slogan “Don’t leave home without it.” While a credit card and some cash are among the things we


GEAR GRINDER: Elka Stage 4 Shocks

Aug 25, 2016Comments off869 Views

Adding high-end aftermarket shocks on a utility ATV is one of those things you don’t know you need until you try it. When companies like


Yamaha YXZ1000R SS first test! Shifting wit...

Aug 24, 2016Comments off319 Views

Since the release of the 2016 Yamaha YXZ1000R, we have testing the machine to it’s limits and found out its strong and weak points. A



Aug 24, 2016Comments off295 Views

At the 2017 Polaris UTV and ATV introduction near Great Falls, Montana, the most sought after seat in the house was the all-new Ace 900

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Check out this video on race winning team o...

Aug 23, 2016Comments off72 Views

Fresh off of Cognito Motorsports win this year at the 2016 Vegas to Reno race, and their fifth Best in the Desert win in a

The outside of OMF’s new HP1 High Positive Offset wheel sits almost flush with the wheel hub, similar to stock wheels that come on most long-travel UTVs. This wheel puts less stress on items like spindles, wheel studs and shocks. OMF can also put beadlocks on your stock wheels as well. To find out how, call them at (951) 354-8272.

TUESDAY TREAD: Moto Race Tire Hammer on OMF...

Aug 23, 2016Comments off705 Views

The tire wars are going full steam ahead right now. We are not talking about 18-inch MX tires or big lugged mud tires; these are


FIX IT: How-To Align your ATV

Aug 19, 2016Comments off5475 Views

Making your quad faster is easy. Just bring money. There are endless tips on how to make your motor stronger, your suspension better and your


Walk-around the ALL-NEW 154-horsepower Can-...

Aug 18, 2016Comments off634 Views

This machine is going to turn the tables on its closest competition. Watch Can-Am’s walk around video of the Maverick X3 to find out why



Aug 18, 2016Comments off512 Views

Project Polaris Ace 570 racer By the staff of Dirt Wheels The FCR dual-rate spring kit gives the Ace a softer ride when you are going


Aug 18, 2016Comments off112 Views

Water at the ready for UTV driving By the staff of Dirt Wheels When we take UTVs out to drive miles of trails, we generally have


The MOST EPIC 450 shootout! 7 sport quads: ...

Aug 17, 2016Comments off654 Views

Whether you explore trails, ride the dunes or race in organized competition, you have seven high performance 450s to pick from. Honda has their electric