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Yamaha’s Factory YFZ450R

Sep 11, 2014Comments off38 Views

IR5M5178 copy 1

Suzuki “Desert Killer” LT-R450

Sep 08, 2014Comments off50 Views


Project Suzuki LT-R516

Sep 08, 2014Comments off28 Views

California based Trinity Racing help us build a super trick Suzuki QuadRacer LT-R516 for the upcoming December 2009 issue. For a full evaluation, and more


Jagged X Edition RZR 900

Jul 21, 2014Comments off43 Views


YFZ450R Trail Quad

Jul 21, 2014Comments off41 Views

Built by Duncan Racing International - Photos by Pat Carrigan

Christy’s Honda 450

Jul 21, 2014Comments off32 Views


2008 DS450 Revival

Jul 21, 2014Comments off28 Views


CV Products Honda 500R

Jul 21, 2014Comments off27 Views


Prolevel YFZ450R

Jul 21, 2014Comments off18 Views


Radical Renegade 1000X

Jul 21, 2014Comments off28 Views

250R spread

Honda 360R

Jul 21, 2014Comments off23 Views


Mud Madness

Jul 21, 2014Comments off13 Views

The High Lifter Mud Nationals are coming up once again…stay tuned for more mud madness