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FIX-IT: How-To Rebuild a Carburetor (September 23, 2016 8:00 am)
The Famous Blackwater 100 (September 23, 2016 6:00 am)
Tons of toys at the 2016 Sand Sports Super Show! (September 22, 2016 12:23 pm)
Polaris RZRs sweep the WORCS podium (September 22, 2016 11:21 am)

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FIX-IT: How-To Rebuild a Carburetor

Sep 23, 2016Comments off4320 Views

If your ATV ran when you parked it but refuses to pop when you finally decide to ride it again, chances are the carburetor is


The Famous Blackwater 100

Sep 23, 2016Comments off742 Views

“The Blackwater 100 is the race that time forgot. It starts in the streets of Davis, West Virginia, and goes out of town to wander


Tons of toys at the 2016 Sand Sports Super ...

Sep 22, 2016Comments off442 Views

The air was buzzing with enthusiasts and parts vendors at the 2016 Sand Sports Super Show this past weekend in Costa Mesa, California. Everywhere you

This car-to-car radio system is fairly easy to install. It involves removing the body panels on the interior of the RZR and running wiring for the two headset cables, the antenna, power cables, a push-to-talk button and a music/cell phone connection.


Sep 22, 2016Comments off122 Views

Comlink RTX VHF radio & intercom By the staff of Dirt Wheels   In the world of UTV racing, almost every machine on the course will


Shopping cart crash, CLEAN UP ON AISLE 12!

Sep 21, 2016Comments off95 Views

Please tell me if this sounds familiar. I’m at the grocery store the other night, and while pushing a shopping cart I find myself lightly


RIDING TIPS: How to have a safe time in San...

Sep 21, 2016Comments off2187 Views

Almost anyone who loves riding quads enjoys taking them out to the dunes. Sand is one of the safest, most fun and enjoyable surfaces for


TUESDAY TREAD: STI Outback Max Mud Tire

Sep 20, 2016Comments off2171 Views

When you think of a description of a mud tire, the word “smooth” probably doesn’t come to mind. However, that was the first word that



Sep 20, 2016Comments off2057 Views

Yamaha has some really light wheel and tire combos as standard equipment on the Grizzly line. So light, in fact, that the wheels became a


New Arctic Cat Wildcat X with RG Pro Suspen...

Sep 19, 2016Comments off308 Views

Arctic Cat continued its foot-on-the-gas approach to new ROV and ATV model introductions by releasing its second wave of new-for-2017 models, including the new Wildcat


PROJECT MUD MACHINE: Polaris RZR SP 1000 4 ...

Sep 19, 2016Comments off324 Views

We see many incredibly well built machines in our line of work. Desert racers, woods rippers, trick track builds and mud runners are a big

Your battery can’t talk to you, but it does have ways to let you know when it’s unhappy. Don’t expect lightning bolts and neon signs, just silence when you press the button.

FIX-IT: How-To maintain your battery

Sep 16, 2016Comments off244 Views

Yes, we all love the miracle of the button and its gift of life. There’s a pure sense of satisfaction that goes down to your

2014 Honda TRX450R


Sep 16, 2016Comments off2770 Views

Another year has passed, which means new and exciting ATV models have hit the market. Nowadays, these machines are coming with more features at better