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HIGH LIFTER BLACK FRIDAY DEALS (November 23, 2015 10:10 am)
POLARIS INTRODUCES NEW 100-HP GENERAL! (November 22, 2015 12:05 am)
PROJECT ATV: Banshee Back to Life! (November 22, 2015 12:00 am)
BUYER’S GUIDE: 2015 Mud Tires (November 21, 2015 12:00 am)

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SHOOTOUT: Can-Am Turbo Maverick 1000 vs. Po...

Nov 23, 2015Comments off3746 Views

There’s a war going on between two companies located high up in North America—Can-Am and longtime rival Polaris. Both have great products—from their entry-level ATVs


PROJECT ATV: Banshee Back to Life!

Nov 22, 2015Comments off3944 Views

Throughout ATVing’s history, there have been a handful of machines that have earned legendary status. Among them are the famed Honda 250R, Suzuki’s LT500 Quadzilla


BUYER’S GUIDE: 2015 Mud Tires

Nov 21, 2015Comments off5652 Views

While perusing the vendor area of the recent High Lifter Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, Texas, the new products that really stood out were all the


HOW-TO: Align your ATV

Nov 20, 2015Comments off1656 Views

Making your quad faster is easy. Just bring money. There are endless tips on how to make your motor stronger, your suspension better and your


PRODUCT TEST: Elka Suspension on a Raptor 7...

Nov 19, 2015Comments off193 Views

Our project Raptor 700 started life as a capable trail machine and received a host of upgrades to make it worthy of track, trail, dune


PROJECT UTV: Monster Energy RZR XP 1000

Nov 18, 2015Comments off384 Views

We have featured a lot of custom RZRs over the last few years. They are by far one the most popular offroad machines sold today.


PROJECT ATV: Honda/CT Racing 350R

Nov 17, 2015Comments off819 Views

It’s been well over two decades since the last Honda 250R rolled off the assembly line in Japan. It has been almost 10 years since


PROJECT ATV: Supermoto Suzuki LT-R450

Nov 16, 2015Comments off552 Views

ATV’s where obviously designed to be off-road machines that can tackle all types of terrain. If you have ever ridden your quad on the asphalt


HOW-TO: Install an ATV Axle

Nov 16, 2015Comments off1079 Views

During the making of our project Raptor 734 that we featured in last month’s issue (June 2012), we gathered parts to widen it up and


PROJECT ATV: KingQuad 750 upgrades

Nov 16, 2015Comments off2804 Views

Since our latest big-bore 4×4 shootout was published, we received a pile letters asking why we didn’t include Suzuki’s KingQuad 750 in that test. Unfortunately


HOW-TO: Ride in the mud and prep your machi...

Nov 15, 2015Comments off182 Views

Mud is more than just dirt and water. Mud is an attitude, a way of life and a fascinating subculture. There are ATV riders who


PRODUCT TEST: Napier X-Treme Pac Tent Kit

Nov 15, 2015Comments off91 Views

Several times a year we plan overnight trips that take us far into the wilderness and miles away from the trailhead. For these three- to