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Racing at La Tuque (November 24, 2014 3:22 pm)
Burnett wins SCORE CHAMPIONSHIP WITH MAVERICK (November 21, 2014 2:04 pm)
Check out this insane QuadSki! (November 21, 2014 9:28 am)

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Racing at La Tuque

Nov 24, 2014Comments off10 Views

While 12-hour ATV races aren’t common, they do exist in North America and in other parts of the world. In most cases they are distance


Quadzilla vs. LT-R450: Duncan Racing Style ...

Nov 21, 2014Comments off36 Views

Dune season is right around the corner. We know you’re itching for cooler weather so you can migrate back into the desert. Now is the


Answer Trail Gloves

Nov 21, 2014Comments off29 Views

Decades ago everyone used some sort of work gloves for recreation. But those were the bad old days. Pine for the “old days” all you


Klim F4 Helmet

Nov 20, 2014Comments off21 Views

Choosing a helmet is all about faith. When you give your brain to someone, it better be someone you trust. All those tests, ratings and


Fasst Co. Flexx Handlebars

Nov 19, 2014Comments off37 Views

When riding or racing ATVs, we are all looking for one thing in common— comfort. The Flexx handlebars by Fasst Company give the rider complete


AMS Radial Pro Tire

Nov 18, 2014Comments off43 Views

In our July issue we brought you a huge 4×4 shootout. Each machine was equipped with different brands and styles of tires and wheels. The


New England ATV MX & XC

Nov 17, 2014Comments off34 Views

The popular 12-race New England ATV-MX series averages 300 riders a race weekend for some very good reasons. First, there is a lot of variety


Polaris Sportsman 500 Owner’s Report

Nov 15, 2014Comments off53 Views

For this “Owners’ Report” we looked through 15 years worth of surveys. The Sportsman 500 was actually introduced in 1995, but we didn’t receive any


2014 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT

Nov 14, 2014Comments off53 Views

Kawasaki can take credit for building the first UTV with the early Mule line of machines. Although those first Mules were more function than fun,


Polaris Outlaw 90 vs. Suzuki Quadsport Z90

Nov 13, 2014Comments off51 Views

A few years back Polaris dropped their Outlaw line of high-performance sport machines. However, they did keep the smaller 50cc and 90cc kids’ versions in


2015 Kymco MXU 700i

Nov 12, 2014Comments off47 Views

The 2015 model year marks the 50th anniversary of Kymco designing and manufacturing machines for enthusiasts all around the globe. While they may not have


CT Racing Project RZR

Nov 11, 2014Comments off68 Views

What’s the biggest problem with owning the Polaris RZR 1000? Time. No one has enough to do it justice. The second biggest? Space—again, not enough