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May 27, 2016Comments off636 Views

The age of the UTV takeover seems to be upon us. Manufacturers are consistently producing new models with more and more available options. Yamaha just


PROJECT: Yamaha Turbo Raptor 700

May 26, 2016Comments off771 Views

Yamaha’s Raptor 700 is a force to be reckoned with in the world of sport quads. It is the top big-bore sport quad around and


10 Tips on Buying a Used UTV

May 24, 2016Comments off785 Views

As the UTV market expands, there are a lot of enthusiasts purchasing new machines and putting their old ones on the market. Those used machines


ATV & UTV Winch Buyer’s Guide!

May 20, 2016Comments off292 Views

When exploring the back country, you may encounter gnarly obstacles or deep mud to traverse through. Getting through these obstacles can be a not-so-simple task

In stock trim the tires on the XP 900 weren’t bad; they just weren’t very strong. This car now features eight-ply GBC tires mounted on DWT beadlock wheels. The combo is better than even what comes on the 1000s today.

PROJECT UTV: CT Racing RZR 900, As fast as ...

May 19, 2016Comments off1071 Views

When Polaris introduced the RZR XP 900, it was the best UTV to ever hit the market. Five years later it’s still a great car,

Half of the race is mostly climbing up and driving down giant boulder gardens that consist of loose sand and rocks the same size of the UTVs. Getting high-centered and stuck is easy.

Tackling the Gnarliest Terrain in a UTV

May 19, 2016Comments off185 Views

The 10th annual King of the Hammers desert race for UTVs was held in the early part of 2016 in Johnson Valley, California, amidst the

The AMS Radial Pro is becoming one of our favorite tires. We have tested it on ATVs, small UTVs and now as a tireand-wheel package on the RZR XP 1000. The tire is very strong with an eight-ply rating and has very predictable handling characteristics.

ANS UTV Tire and Wheel Kit

May 18, 2016Comments off176 Views

There are a lot of choices for tires and wheels in the UTV market these days. The segment is getting so popular, even automotive brands

The Kawasaki Teryx has a great 4x4 system that works well in all different types of terrain. Even in the snow, the Teryx tended to always grab traction, and the front differential lock was only needed occasionally.

Testing the 2016 Kawasaki Teryx

May 18, 2016Comments off258 Views

The Kawasaki Teryx may not be the top choice to blast through the desert at high speeds or sling sand at the dunes, but it


Spring Jamboree Ride Guide – Great ri...

May 16, 2016Comments off379 Views

It’s time to think about your next riding vacation. Whether it be during spring break or when the kids get out of school or sometime


TEST: Can-Am DS90X

May 13, 2016Comments off686 Views

The largest segment of the sport ATV market these days are the youth models. All of the top OEM’s are still producing kids’ quads, even

The Leatt GPX 5.5 is lightweight, weighing in at 3 pounds. The outer shell is slimmer compared to most other brands.

PRODUCT: Leatt GPX 5.5 Helmet – Ultra...

May 13, 2016Comments off364 Views

Leatt began business designing protective neck braces to prevent neck injuries. They have now jumped into the market of helmet safety. With the advancement in

3) The complete removal and inspection of your swingarm should be done annually for trail riders and monthly for racers.

HOW-TO: Replace Swingarm Bearings

May 12, 2016Comments off370 Views

Regular maintenance of your ATV is important. Oil and filter changes are key for routine procedures, but there is more to keeping your quad in