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FIX IT: How-to Install a chain

Dec 09, 2016Comments off2250 Views

Everyone who owns a chain-driven machine will go through one or two in its life. On 450s and big-bore sport quads, you may go through


HOW-TO: Mount Tires on Beadlock Rims

Dec 07, 2016Comments off2619 Views

When upgrading the wheel and tire combo for your ATV or UTV, you have many options to choose from with styles, colors, and beadlock or


HOW-TO: Install a graphics kit on your ATV

Dec 02, 2016Comments off3221 Views

Have you noticed that quads are covered in plastic, but we ride them in hard, scratchy dirt and mud? If you have, then no doubt

When you are breaking in a belt, you want to avoid hard throttle applications and full-load situations like this.

FIX IT: CVT belt tips and what breaks them

Nov 18, 2016Comments off1093 Views

Dirt Wheels spends a lot of hours and miles in CVT (continuously variable transmission)-powered vehicles every year. As CVT-powered ATVs and UTVs have proliferated, knowledge


FIX-IT: How-to Install a Twist Throttle

Nov 11, 2016Comments off4599 Views

The thumb throttle that comes stock on ATVs can be very tiresome on long rides. We experienced that under racing conditions or on long trail


FIX-IT: How-to adjust your ATV Valves

Oct 28, 2016Comments off6328 Views

Keeping your ATV running strongly requires routine maintenance, and adjusting your valves is a part of that. On most machines, valves will only need to


HOW-TO: 10 Tips on Buying a Used UTV

Oct 26, 2016Comments off3069 Views

As the UTV market expands, there are a lot of enthusiasts purchasing new machines and putting their old ones on the market. Those used machines


FIX-IT: How-to upgrade your Quad’s Wa...

Oct 21, 2016Comments off2045 Views

Routine maintenance is key to keeping your machine on the trails or track longer with less downtime for repairs. The cooling system can often be

Dirt Fiend Racing has a huge line of custom graphics to choose from for your machine

FIX-IT: How-To Reface your ride with new bo...

Oct 14, 2016Comments off1990 Views

When purchasing a used ATV, most of the time the bodywork is scratched, sun-faded, cracked or broken from the previous owner. These blemishes can happen

3) The complete removal and inspection of your swingarm should be done annually for trail riders and monthly for racers.

FIX-IT: How-To Replace Swingarm Bearings

Oct 07, 2016Comments off1324 Views

Regular maintenance of your ATV is important. Oil and filter changes are key for routine procedures, but there is more to keeping your quad in


FIX-IT: How-To Rebuild a Carburetor

Sep 23, 2016Comments off5694 Views

If your ATV ran when you parked it but refuses to pop when you finally decide to ride it again, chances are the carburetor is

Your battery can’t talk to you, but it does have ways to let you know when it’s unhappy. Don’t expect lightning bolts and neon signs, just silence when you press the button.

FIX-IT: How-To maintain your battery

Sep 16, 2016Comments off542 Views

Yes, we all love the miracle of the button and its gift of life. There’s a pure sense of satisfaction that goes down to your