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Installing a new seat cover: How-To plus Bu...

Sep 30, 2015Comments off1575 Views

Subscribe Here ATV seats come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common—they are always used every time you ride



Sep 28, 2015Comments off4985 Views

  10 The stock gearing will allow the YXZ1000 to be driven at 100 MPH. You will just have to manipulate the electronics to help


HOW-TO: Make your kid’s quad better

Sep 27, 2015Comments off794 Views

No matter how you look at it, parents are ultimately responsible for making decisions about their children’s safety. Manufacturers comply with government safety regulations, plaster


HOW-TO: Expert Maintenance Tips

Sep 24, 2015Comments off1065 Views

The snow is beginning to melt, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping. Spring is finally here, and, for most Dirt Wheels readers,


HOW-TO: Widen your ATV

Sep 15, 2015Comments off421 Views

Great handling and stability are key in ATV racing and riding, but we can’t all afford top-notch equipment for our machines. Over the years, the


HOW-TO: Rebuild a Carburetor

Sep 11, 2015Comments off1572 Views

If your ATV ran when you parked it but refuses to pop when you finally decide to ride it again, chances are the carburetor is


HOW-TO: Adjust your ATV Valves

Aug 27, 2015Comments off1839 Views

Keeping your ATV running strongly requires routine maintenance, and adjusting your valves is a part of that. On most machines, valves will only need to

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HOW-TO: RZR TURBO: Belt Change

Aug 23, 2015Comments off547 Views

Dirt Wheels Magazine tells you how to do it the easy way.


INJECTION INSPECTION: What you need to know...

Aug 17, 2015Comments off1341 Views

q EFI is here to stay. Deal with it. The curmudgeons who claimed it was a passing fad have all changed their story and now


HOW-TO: Manual Clutch Tips; Making it work ...

Jul 25, 2015Comments off987 Views

Before you begin any clutching mods or repairs on your sport quad, you should run right out and buy a factory service manual for your


HOW-TO: Install a CVT clutch

Jul 18, 2015Comments off576 Views

We love our continuously variable transmissions. Mr. CVT, if that was his name, invented a marvelously simple and effective way of transmitting power to the


HOW-TO: Restore your old plastics

Jul 14, 2015Comments off1315 Views

When you see a shiny ATV in the showroom, it’s like love at first sight. The light gleaming off the carefully sculpted curves of the