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May 24, 2015Comments off510 Views

THE RIGHT WAY Beadlock wheels not only look trick, they serve a purpose. To get maximum traction out of your tires, beadlocks allow you to


HOW-TO: Tune your suspension

May 21, 2015Comments off301 Views

Every ATV currently being sold by a reputable manufacturer has shock absorbers. It’s how they isolate rough terrain from the rider, and it’s perhaps the


HOW-TO: Align your ATV

May 20, 2015Comments off550 Views

Making your quad faster is easy. Just bring money. There are endless tips on how to make your motor stronger, your suspension better and your


HOW-TO: Change Clutch Plates

May 01, 2015Comments off371 Views

We’ve all done it. You’re on that tight, technical trail, slipping the clutch on a hill-climb, and then a nasty, thick smell rises up from


Installing a new seat cover: How-To plus Bu...

Apr 16, 2015Comments off458 Views

Subscribe Here ATV seats come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common—they are always used every time you ride



Apr 04, 2015Comments off1015 Views

If your ATV ran when you parked it but refuses to pop when you finally decide to ride it again, chances are the carburetor is

The Polaris Ranger crew was one of the first and is one of the best multi-passenger UTVs. The only downside is that it has an engine designed for a much lighter, single-passenger quad. It would be nearly impossible to get the same horsepower gains with a big-bore kit and cams as you can by bolting on a supercharger.

Pro Charger Supercharger: HOW-TO

Apr 02, 2015Comments off726 Views

  Man’s everlasting search for horsepower is pretty common in the ATV and UTV world. We need horsepower to race against our buddies on the

HOW-TO: Install a chain

Apr 01, 2015Comments off418 Views

Everyone who owns a chain-driven machine will go through one or two in its life. On 450s and big-bore sport quads, you may go through


HOW TO: Avoid & fix flat tires; Produc...

Mar 30, 2015Comments off526 Views

No matter if you are in the middle of race or on a long trail ride, a flat tire is a hassle. In racing, a


HOW-TO: Adjust your ATV Valves

Mar 27, 2015Comments off940 Views

Keeping your ATV running strongly requires routine maintenance, and adjusting your valves is a part of that. On most machines, valves will only need to


HOW-TO:Install a graphics kit on your ATV

Mar 21, 2015Comments off588 Views

Have you noticed that quads are covered in plastic, but we ride them in hard, scratchy dirt and mud? If you have, then no doubt


INJECTION INSPECTION: What you need to know...

Sep 29, 2012Comments off432 Views

q EFI is here to stay. Deal with it. The curmudgeons who claimed it was a passing fad have all changed their story and now