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The MOST EPIC UTV battle just released! (September 28, 2016 2:59 pm)
FIX-IT: How-To Rebuild a Carburetor (September 23, 2016 8:00 am)
The Famous Blackwater 100 (September 23, 2016 6:00 am)

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2014 Honda TRX450R


Sep 16, 2016Comments off2783 Views

Another year has passed, which means new and exciting ATV models have hit the market. Nowadays, these machines are coming with more features at better


WAY BACK: August 1993 – Honda Pilot R...

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A legendary quad still winning AMA national championships  By the staff of Dirt Wheels   In the late ’80s, manufacturers were looking for alternatives to the

400x proj static

FIX-IT: How-To Repack your muffler

Sep 02, 2016Comments off1285 Views

Aftermarket exhausts increase the performance of your machine and make it sound more aggressive. After 20 to 30 hours of riding, four-stroke muffler packing starts


BLAST FROM THE PAST: ATV Shootout Cannondal...

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FIX-IT: How-to Widen your ATV

Aug 26, 2016Comments off3649 Views

Great handling and stability are key in ATV racing and riding, but we can’t all afford top-notch equipment for our machines. Over the years, the

This is pretty much the whole kit. With these supplies at hand, there are very few common mechanical issues that we can’t resolve. The bag gets seriously banged and rattled off-road, so note that as many of the hand tools as possible are contained so they don’t bang around and potentially get lost.

UTV GO-BAG: Everything you should take with...

Aug 25, 2016Comments off454 Views

For decades American Express has used the slogan “Don’t leave home without it.” While a credit card and some cash are among the things we


The MOST EPIC 450 shootout! 7 sport quads: ...

Aug 17, 2016Comments off1027 Views

Whether you explore trails, ride the dunes or race in organized competition, you have seven high performance 450s to pick from. Honda has their electric

2017 Honda Pioneer 700 Deluxe

2017 Honda Pioneer 700 and 500 get great ne...

Aug 11, 2016Comments off734 Views

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced today that the Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 500 side-by-sides receive a long list of significant new features for the

Kawi vs Honda 700

BLAST FROM THE PAST: May 2009 Honda 700XX v...

Aug 10, 2016Comments off701 Views

When you get two of the biggest and baddest high-performance sport quads on the planet engaged in battle, you can expect a fight to the



Aug 04, 2016Comments off840 Views

A time-traveling DeLorean-inspired desert dasher By the staff of Dirt Wheels     Think back to the 1980s if you can. And if you can’t, then


WAY BACK WEDNESDAY: 1988 Sport Quad Shootou...

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