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2012 UTV Buyer’s Guide

Sep 21, 2014Comments off5364 Views

Forget the wild stock market swings, ignore the Occupy Wall Street crowds—business is booming. More specifically, the UTV industry is going full speed ahead with

2012 ATV Buyer’s Guide

Sep 18, 2014Comments off6692 Views

Every year, it’s like a whole new world. The landscape of modern ATVs is always changing, and each season there’s a new trend that needs

2011 KYMCO MXU 375

Dec 17, 2010Comments off520 Views

2011 KYMCO MXU 375 ($5449)It’s hard to find a legitimate 4×4 with better value. Kymco has surprisingly good quality, and the MXU line has features


Dec 17, 2010Comments off725 Views

2011 KYMCO MAXXER 375The Maxxer fits into that gray area between pure sport and pure 4×4. It’s made for handling gnarly terrain fast. We raced

2011 KYMCO MXU 150

Dec 17, 2010Comments off744 Views

2011 KYMCO MXU 150 ($2999)The MXU has features that you don’t typically see in a small, inexpensive 4×2. It has a continuously variable transmission, a

2011 KYMCO MXU 500

Dec 17, 2010Comments off577 Views

2011 KYMCO MXU 500 ($6299)Kymco is a Taiwanese company that manufactures parts and motors for many companies, most notably BMW. The firm’s own line of


Dec 17, 2010Comments off583 Views

2011 KYMCO MONGOOSE 90 ($2399)Again, Kymco offers excellent value in all its models. Don’t let the fact that it’s made in Taiwan throw you off,


Dec 17, 2010Comments off548 Views

2011 KYMCO MONGOOSE 300 Kymco offers good value in its Taiwan-made ATVs. The Mongoose is a sporty 300 that has a liquid-cooled, four-valve motor, a