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February 1, 2017
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RZR XP 1000 GOLD vs. YXZ1000R SS SE vs. WILDCAT 1000 X LTD

The Dirt Wheels crew is in the process of comparing the top, non-turbo, UTVs from Polaris, Yamaha and Arctic Cat. These are also the special or limited edition versions with extra options included. After the first day of roosting these machines wheel-to-wheel out on desert trails we can go ahead and tell you all three are fast and have great suspension. We’re also discovering that each one excels in certain off-roading situations based on your particular driving style. You’ll get the full report when we finalize our testing. Look for our conclusion on these three machines in the April issue of Dirt Wheels. Until then, here is a preview of their specifications and prices, along with some photos taken during a day of testing.

RZR se action cat action yxz se action so specs

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