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A new alternative to goggles!

March 14, 2017
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While changing technology has provided improvements in goggles over the years, the basic concept has stayed the same—until now. Visor Goggles offers the rider an entirely different experience, a brand new feel and an unrestricted field-of-view for riders. Zowa’s Visor Goggles were designed to be worn with a motocross helmet combining the best features offered by visors and goggles. They seal under your eyes like goggles, but seat on the helmet instead of the forehead, eliminating tunnel vision and improving comfort so you can enjoy the ride.

ZOWA’s Scrambler Visor Goggles offer:

• Plush multilayer foam and micro-fleece facial seal
• Over the Glasses (OTG) compatible
• Improved field-of-view
• Anti-fog coating
• Flow-through ventilation
• Helmet conformed design
• Lexan lens
• Plush strap with silicon strip
• Microfiber storage bag
• Carbon fiber graphics

Visit our website for further details at: http://www.zowaoptics.com

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