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November 16, 2016
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The other “A” country has some wild motor-heads too. We’re talking Australia and we have two Dirt Wheels readers down there  who have done something we’ve never seen before. Check out Mart Whyte’s  ATC70 with an air-cooled ATC250R engine in it. Normally, the cylinder sticks up from the cases, which means it wouldn’t fit in the small space of the ATC70 engine. That didn’t stop Mart, he made a plate to block off where the cylinder used to go and machined a new opening at the front of the engine cases. This allows the cylinder to point forward like the 70 engine.


John McEwan did the same thing to his ATC70s, but he used four-stroke engines instead. You’ll notice how the cylinder points forward on the ATC200X engine, and John performed some similar reconstructive surgery on the other one too, using a Honda CRF230F engine. It even retains the electric starter. The Dirt Wheels crew gives Mart and John the Engineering Awards of the month. Good show!


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