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May 1, 2017
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Odes new Special Edition UTVs are available in several new color choices, Alien Green, Brilliant White, Gloss Red, Hot Pink, Hyper Orange and Vibrant Blue.

odes 2

The new Zeus Long Travel Dominator 1000 SE X2 and Zeus Long Travel Dominator 1000 SE X4 are powered by 86 horsepower V-twins and have 14″ of suspension travel front and rear.

odes 3

These machines come with the Zeus 7″ multifunction touch screen, power steering, 15″ aluminum wheels, 3500 pound winches, full roofs, full windshields, LED light bars and more. The two-seat Dominator 1000 SE X2 is $16,595. The five-seat Dominator 1000 SE X4 is $17,895.

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