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November 11, 2016
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Dirt Wheels readers are known for having the coolest machinery and here’s another one worthy of a closer look. Jerid Sutton’s hot 3-wheeler here started off as an ATC250R, which was the favorite off-road vehicle for ATV riders back in the early to mid ’80s. There were many hop-up shops back then providing ways to make these popular 2-strokes even faster. Eddie Sanders Racing was one of them and that shop is still making fast 2-strokes today.


Jerid chose to go with ESR’s 370cc power-valve engine, which is an absolute beast when it comes to making massive quantities of horsepower. The thing just wants to do wheelies any time you nail the throttle. To compensate for that, a longer swing arm is required. This is especially true if you spend any time roosting to the top of big sand dunes. That is obviously what Jerid likes to do based on the sand tires he has mounted on his ATC370. Bead lock wheels help keep the tires tightly gripped to the rims when he dumps the clutch at full throttle.


When looking at this machine you can just imagine what a thrill it must be to ride. The Dirt Wheels crew gives a thumbs up to Jerid and also to all the other riders who restore the great classic ATVs and keep them in good running order.

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