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July 9, 2009
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I had a question for you about Dustin Wimmers quad in the july 09 issue. Would you be able to tell me where i could get a set of the carbonfiber extensions that were on the rear plastics where the gas tank and rear plastics meet. I race supermoto and it is a constant problem with my boots getting caught in the plastics and those extensions would be a big help. Any info would be great.  Thanks Rolla Manning, Las Vegas, NV

  Rolla, those parts are made only for Team Suzuki by Quad Tech. At this time they do not have plans to put the parts into production.
  You could cut a section off a section from a spare set of fenders or an old plastic number plate and build the part yourself. Cut it to fit then use pop rivets to affix it to your fenders. Good luck.
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