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January 25, 2008
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Dear Bossman,
I have an ’07 Raptor 700 and just installed a DMC afterburner comp twin exhaust, a DMC control module, and a velocity air filter kit with the airbox lid removed. The problem is it keeps fouling sparkplugs now. I was wondering what’s causing this and how to fix it. Your help would be greatly appreciated and not forgotten.
David Eyer
Dallas, TX.

The cause, my boy, is a too rich mixture, caused by one or all of the components. You need to lean up the mixture at some point in the rev range. Do you have a stumble that gets worse as the motor gets hot? That is a sure symptom of a too rich mixture. I can’t tell you where or how because you didn’t tell Boss where in the throttle range you are rich. Ignore engine revs. It is throttle position you need to be paying attention to. Determine at what throttle position you are rich and then lean that range and you should stop fouling sparkplugs.

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