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TUESDAY TREAD: RP Advanced Delta FX Sand Ti...

Jul 11, 2017Comments off3969 Views

In the January 2015 issue, right before the start of the winter dune season, we featured a buyer’s guide for UTV sand tires. One brand


Jun 29, 2017Comments off930 Views

It’s not small, it’s “fun size” By Casey Kramer and the staff of Dirt Wheels     Polaris has rapidly added to the Ace line of


Dec 05, 2016Comments off4013 Views

Resetting the bar By the staff of Dirt Wheels     Things have been progressing steadily in the world of sport UTVs. The machines at the


Oct 24, 2016Comments off3130 Views

Live long and prosper By the staff of Dirt Wheels     Here is something you might not know about ATV manufacturers: they spend time and

UTV TEST: 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 & 10...

Mar 09, 2016Comments off10324 Views

As the UTV market continues to flourish with an abundance of machines that have new and exciting features, Honda released their 2016 Pioneer 1000 and

PRODUCT TEST: Modquad Doors

Jan 22, 2016Comments off1712 Views

According to our reader surveys, UTV owners install doors more than any other aftermarket part, including tires. It’s the first component most owners install after

PRODUCT TEST: Just 1’s J12 Mister X H...

Dec 25, 2015Comments off5217 Views

Helmet manufacturers are certainly not few and far between in the offroad world. There are hundreds of great lids to choose from for different styles

PROJECT UTV: Lonestar Racing RZR

Nov 25, 2015Comments off6375 Views

In the world of NASCAR, you have race-car builders like Childress and Hendricks that offer great packages to get you going. In the big-money off-road

PROJECT ATV: Duncan Racing TRX450R Sand Sli...

Oct 14, 2015Comments off6132 Views

Building a perfect duner is a matter of heritage, style and power preference. For years the Yamaha Banshee was the machine of choice for sheer

PROJECT UTV: Military Maverick

Oct 09, 2015Comments off2193 Views

There’s an old adage that says, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Well, in times of war, the military, its suppliers and troops do a

SHOOTOUT: Can-Am Outlander L 500 vs. Suzuki...

Sep 21, 2015Comments off4976 Views

We pitted the $6499 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi against the $6999 Can-Am Outlander 500L to see if an older straight-axle machine can still hang with a

500cc 4×4 SHOOTOUT: Can-Am vs. Honda v...

May 13, 2015Comments off34956 Views

If you were a fly on the wall of the boardroom at all of the major ATV manufacturers, you would hear them say that the

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