Camping enthusiasts who own Utility Terrain Vehicles understand the thrill of combining off-road exploration with the tranquility of the great outdoors. These rugged vehicles are not just for adrenaline-packed rides; they can also serve as an excellent means to transport camping gear to remote and picturesque locations. To optimize your camping experience with a UTV, here are 12 must-have products that will elevate your outdoor adventures.

Roof Rack

Invest in a sturdy roof rack designed specifically for UTVs. This roof rack by SDR Motorsports frees up massive cargo space. It allows you to securely carry extra gear, such as tents, sleeping bags, or even kayaks, without sacrificing valuable interior space. Rood racks also provide plenty of mounting opportunities for light bars, accessory lighting, and other bolt-on accessories. Due to limited cargo bed space, a roof rack is a must if you camp with a sport side-by-side.

Portable Generator

A reliable portable generator can power essential equipment like lighting, cooking appliances, electronic devices, and battery chargers, ensuring a comfortable camping experience even in remote locations. They also occupy minimal space, and the top brands, like this Yamaha EF2200iS, are reasonably quiet.

Foldable Camping Table and Chairs

Compact, foldable furniture is a game-changer for UTV camping. They’re easy to transport and provide a comfortable setting for meals or relaxing by the campfire. This Tusk camp chair from RMC is ultra-compact and comfortable, perfect for gathering around the campfire after a fun day of off-roading. Portable camp tables are also plentiful and easy to carry in cargo beds or roof racks.

High-Quality Cooler

Keep your food and beverages fresh during your adventures with a durable, high-capacity cooler. Look for one that’s rugged, with excellent insulation and secure latching mechanisms. They’re not cheap but keep food and drink cold for days. Most UTV manufacturers have their own coolers designed to work with their own cargo anchor systems, or you can grab one at your local sporting goods store and strap it down to your rack system.

LED Light Bars and Accessory Lighting

Enhance visibility and safety during night-time travels with powerful LED light bars. They illuminate the terrain ahead, making navigating off-road trails at night much safer. Even more handy are LED accessory lights, like this push button LED integrated into this roof rack-mounted grab bar by Heretic. Unloading a roof rack at night couldn’t be made easier.

Portable Grill or Stove

A portable grill or stove allows you to cook delicious meals while camping. Look for compact options that are easy to set up and use. If space is an issue, single burner stoves are easy to find, and camp-sized propane tanks are small enough to drop in a cargo box.

Traction Mats

When traversing challenging terrain, traction mats can be a lifesaver. They provide grip and prevent your UTV from getting stuck in mud, sand, or snow. When you’re loaded down with camping gear, getting stuck is more probable but easily remedied with traction mats. Most mats come with mounting hardware to attach them to your cab frame or rack system.

Solar Panels

Utilize renewable energy by investing in portable solar panels. They can recharge batteries for your devices or power small appliances, reducing your reliance on a generator. The solar panel pictured here will also keep your UTV battery topped off at peak performance, a valuable tool if you count on your UTV battery to power multiple accessories.  Solar panels can be purchased in portable and rooftop configurations.

Folding Shovel

These tools are invaluable for setting up camp, clearing pathways, or digging your tires out of the sand. Opt for durable, foldable versions that only take up a little space. Some shovels also include an axe attachment, perfect for gathering firewood.

Emergency Kit

Always be prepared with a comprehensive emergency kit containing essentials like first aid supplies, a multi-tool, fire starters, and a reliable communication device. First Aid kits come in varying sizes, up to the backpack kits you see here. Ensure you get a kit from a provider that can restock individual supplies after each use.

Quick-Deploy Awning

A quick-deploy awning provides instant shelter from the sun or rain, creating a comfortable outdoor space near your UTV. Many UTV manufacturers offer awnings for their UTVs. The aftermarket manufacturers make awnings that attach to roof racks, much like an RV awning, which can be deployed and rolled back up in seconds.

UTV-Specific GPS Navigation

Invest in a reliable GPS navigation system designed for off-road use. These systems provide detailed maps and waypoints, ensuring you never lose your way in the wilderness.

Get Away From It All!

Owning a UTV opens up a world of camping possibilities, allowing adventurers to explore remote and breathtaking landscapes. Equipping your UTV with these essential camping products not only enhances convenience and safety but also ensures a more enjoyable and comfortable outdoor experience. Whether you’re a seasoned off-road enthusiast or a newcomer to UTV camping, these items are indispensable for your next wilderness adventure. Gear up, explore, and make lasting memories in the great outdoors with these must-have camping products for UTV owners.

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