We take a look back at a past issue of Dirt Wheels

This April of 91′ issue’s cover features the very limited ATK 604 quadcycle which CT’s own Allan Knowles and Buck Shot Racing’s Andrew Buck, playing a crucial part in developing it. We paired the pre production ATK in a shootout with a Yamaha factory’s specially modified desert racing oriented Banshee, built to tackle the SCORE series. As we flip through the pages, there is a clever article on rebuilding a your quad from the ground up, featuring a Honda TRX250R. Racing series reviews and an ATV tire buyer’s guide and much more topped things off. Times were more simple back then, the pages of Dirt Wheels were mainly all still in black and white, and quads virtually ruled the race scene. No one was to hear of a UTV for a decade and two-stroke exhaust still filled the nostrils of many!

April 1991 issue of Dirt Wheels Magazine

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