— It happens when we start getting older. You reflect back on memories of your earlier days and you miss that sense of excitement and passion towards the things you focussed your attention on. It gets to a point when you finally say, “Dagnabit, I need to rekindle that spirit of my youth and get back to being who I really am.”

Cody Gary went through that recently. As a boy living in Texas in the 1980s he read Dirt Wheels magazine and he rode 3-wheelers. Over time, he switched to a Honda TRX and roosted off-road on four wheels. Then, this past year,  he saw an old 1985 Honda ATC250R in terrible shape and thought it was sad to see a machine this glorious and grand looking so pitiful.

Here is that machine when he first brought it home. From there he set out to give it a complete restoration. Every part was either replaced with new OEM parts or sent to the plater to be refinished. Every painted item was powder coated. The plastic was replaced with new OEM except for the gas tank. It was wet sanded and polished by hand for 20 hours until its original red luster returned.

Cody had Yaeger Racing rebuild the engine using all stock Honda parts including the gaskets, o-rings and bearings. It took almost a year of effort, but the project finally became complete.

What you see here is exactly what a ATC250R looked like when you walked into a Honda dealer back in 1985. It’s what Cody Gary sees in his garage today. He told us, “Sometimes I find myself going to the garage just to sit and stare at it.”

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