1985 YAMAHA TRI-Z 250

Not all 3-wheelers were Hondas

1985 YAMAHA TRI-Z 250

Adam Cook is a Dirt Wheels reader in Ohio. He has owned many quads and a few dirt bikes over the years, but one of his favorite machines in this 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z 250. There’s just something about riding a 250cc two-stroke that feels good, no matter how many wheels it has. The engines are simple and easy to work on, and that sudden blast of power is just plain addictive. You quickly learn how to work the shift lever to always keep the revs in the fat part of the power band.

This is why many riders make a point to keep their older two-stroke ATVs in good running order. You still see Honda TRX250Rs and ATC250Rs out on the trails, and in Adam’s case, you’ll also see him on his Yamaha Tri-Z with a smile on his face. He enjoys showing other riders what his older two-stroke machine can still do.

1985 YAMAHA TRI-Z 250

“People always seem surprised when they see my 33 year old vintage trike roosting by,” says Adam. “Guys on modern quads under estimate my old Yamaha. They think it doesn’t stand a chance of keeping up with their YFZs, 450Rs and Banshees, but you should see their faces when I prove them wrong. You just have to know how to ride a three-wheeler, which I’ve done all my life.”

The Dirt Wheels crew gives Adam a thumbs up for keeping ATV history alive and going strong. We appreciate other riders for restoring older machines too. We’d also like to do feature articles on your quads, three-wheelers and UTVs. They can be newer models as well as older. All you have to do is E-mail us good photos and specific info on it. Make sure to include your name, city and state, and E-mail it to [email protected].

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