ARCTIC CAT 90/DVX90 ($2699)
The two Arctic Cat 90s are built on the same chassis and engine, but have very different bodywork and styling. The standard 90 is very utility-oriented and has small steel racks, while the DVX is very sporty looking. Both have automatic transmission with reverse and single A-arm suspension in the front. Travel is just under 3 inches.
CAN-AM DS90X ($3599)
This is a completely different model from the utility-oriented DS90, even though it has the same basic motor. The X has a mush sportier chassis, with double A-arm front suspension, longer travel, and even metal nerf bars and bumpers. The X has styling just like the big DS450 that John Natalie rides.
HONDA TRX90X ($2999)
Honda’s TRX90X is somewhat iconic in the ATV world and can trace its lineage back to the original ATC90 three-wheeler that Abraham Lincoln rode around the log cabin. It has automatic clutch with a manual gearbox. There’s no reverse, and the suspension is rather basic, but Abraham never complained.
KAWASAKI KFX90 ($2699)
The Kawasaki 90 is a small machine and somewhat straddles the distance between 50cc machines and the other 90s. It has a CT transmission without reverse, so prepare to push your kid backwards. Within the torque converter, there’s a collar that can be moved to limit the machine’s top speed, so you might be able to catch up before he hits the car door.
The Kymco Mongoose has some very grown-up features, like reverse, hydraulic-disc front brakes and automatic transmission. It has a lanyard that connects to a kill switch so that you can lose weight by jogging behind little King Richard. It’s available in red and blue and comes with a one-year warranty.
CAN-AM DS90 ($2699)
The standard DS90 is priced $900 less than the X version, despite having the same motor and drivetrain. You have to make do with a single A-arm front suspension and more basic shocks, though. The styling is more conservative too, but this 90 has reverse and a fully automatic transmission. The headlight even works.
OUTLAW 90 ($2699/$2699)
The Sportsman and the Outlaw 90 are based on the same machine. The Sportsman has plastic racks, and the Outlaw has sexier styling. Both have automatic CV transmissions and single A-arm front suspension. They are rated for riders who are 12 years old. The Outlaw will have limited availability in pink.
YAMAHA RAPTOR 90 ($2699)
The Yamaha Raptor 90 is fully automatic and is one of the few 90s to feature double A-arm front suspension. It also has a little more travel up front than most minis and Maxxis tires. There’s an electric starter with a kickstarter for backup, but there’s no reverse gear. The 90 looks just like the big Raptor 700.
CAN-AM DS70 ($2199)
The Can-Am DS70 is the only quad over 50cc that is designated Y6 (for 6-year-old riders). It is essentially the same size as the DS90, with many of the same features. It has a smaller version of the four-stroke motor with its CV transmission, single-shock rear suspension and single A-arms up front.
Polaris was one of the few companies that continued to offer a 50 during the lead scare, choosing to make the Outlaw 50 “lead-law compliant.” It is still blessed for riders who are 6 years old. It has an adjustable throttle stop and foot wells that are removable so that the quad can grow with your kid. A limited edition will be available in pink.


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