Kawasaki upgraded the two-seat Teryx with the same motor and frame that we saw in the Teryx4.

Japan is waking up. Just when you thought that the UTV market was the exclusive playground of North American companies, Honda, Yamaha and now Kawasaki are coming to the table with new hardware. At Kawasaki’s 2014 model presentation in San Diego, dealers were treated to their first glimpse of the 2014 Teryx. We’re already familiar with the Kawasaki’s Teryx4, which remains Japan’s most sophisticated four-passenger side-by-side. Now there’s a two-seat version with the same technology.

A camo version of the Teryx gets upgraded lights, a roof and a price tag of $14,299.

The 2014 Teryx two-seater is larger, more powerful and has better suspension than the model it supersedes. It has power steering and Fox Podium shocks all the way around. It also gets the 783cc engine that we saw in the Teryx4, with its claimed 26 percent increase in horsepower and 12 percent increase in torque. Kawasaki engineers gave the V-twin a 32cc increase in displacement, as well as new cams and a new exhaust header.  Kawasaki also says that the new machine has a 20 percent increase in fuel economy with new programming for the Mikuni digital fuel injection.

Under the 600-pound-capacity tilting bed, the two-seater has 182 liters of storage space.

The chassis is what really sets the Teryx apart from last year’s model. It uses what Kawasaki calls a double X-frame layout that’s similar to that of the Teryx4. But instead of having the rear seats, the Teryx has a massive storage compartment located under a big tilting bed. At first glance, the Teryx two-seater is almost identical to the four-seater. The only real giveaway is the smaller ROPS roll cage and the fact that the bed doesn’t extend as far behind the rear wheels; the wheelbase itself is the same. But there’s no confusing the new Teryx with the older version. It has doors, for starters, and more modern, sportier styling.

The Teryx LE has a number of styling elements with a roof, a brush guard and upgraded lights. The MSRP is $14,999.

In the suspension department, Kawasaki did more than bolt on Fox Shox. The new Teryx has 8 inches of travel from the double-A-arm systems in front and 8.3 inches in back. The shocks are fully adjustable for compression and rebound damping  and spring preload.
And finally, there’s a new three-year warranty for the 2014 Teryx models. The two-seater’s price comes in at $12,999. Look for a full test coming soon.

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