Suzuki’s KingQuad lineup contains some of our favorite 4×4 machinery, and the royal family is back in force for 2014. These royals aren’t from Britain. The KingQuad line is assembled in Georgia at the Suzuki Manufacturing of America Corp. facility, and the head of the family is the True Timber Camo KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering. Suzuki offers the KingQuads in three displacements—750, 500 and 400—and in each displacement there are several levels of standard equipment and features, starting with a base model. The upgrades include colors, power steering and limited editions. With the exception of the new Limited Edition Matte Gray (KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering) and Matte Red (KingQuad 750AXi) body colors, the 750s return without changes. That isn’t to say that the 750 isn’t near the tech pinnacle of the class. It boasts fuel injection, independent front and rear suspension, selectable 4WD and differential lock. Electric power steering is standard on the upgraded models. The 750 starts at $8899 for the straight AXi without power steering and tops out at $9999 for the camo model with power steering.


 The KingQuad 500 combines many of the same features of the 750 with a smaller displacement engine. It also boasts IRS, EFI, selectable 4WD, differential lock and a wet, multi-plate, enclosed rear brake safely tucked out of the way on the rear driveshaft for when conditions get ugly. The standard AXi  is $7899, or $8299 in camo. With EPS it runs for $8599, or $8999 in camo.


The most-changed 4×4 models in the lineup are the pair of KingQuad 400 models. The 400 ASi and 400 FSi are fuel-injected, 400cc-class machines with straight-axle rear suspension.  The ASi  is available in color ($6499) or camo ($6899), and it has a CVT transmission. The FSi has a foot-shift, auto-clutch, five-speed transmission, and it comes in standard colors for $6499 and camo for $6899.

Each 400 has a new digital speedometer, new cam profiles and improvements inside the muffler. The cam and muffler changes are to boost performance.


Suzuki also offers the Ozark 250 two-wheel-drive model it calls a sporty utility. It is outfitted for work but light enough for fun. The price is a reasonable $4599, and it offers 5.5 inches of suspension travel, front and rear. The five-speed, auto-clutch transmission should make the most of the power output, and there is reverse for work and tricky trail situations. Finally, the Suzuki QuadSport  Z90 is back and priced at $2899. The four-stroke engine with electric start and a CVT transmission makes this an easy choice for riders entering the sport. There is a backup pull starter, so there is no way a dead battery will ruin your ride.


Suzuki hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but the QuadSport Z400 will be part of the 2014 Suzuki lineup.

Suzuki’s powerful and capable KingQuad 750 4×4 returns with new colors for 2014. There are no mechanical changes, but the 750 remains a full-featured and highly desirable 4×4 ready for serious off-road play or heavy-duty work.

The KingQuad 500 is basically the same machine as the 750 with less displacement. It offers plenty of serious features, including IRS, EFI, diff-lock and a CVT transmission. It has the power, hauling capability and towing capacity for serious work or off-road play.

Apparently, Suzuki felt the 400 deserved some attention from the R&D team, and it received new cam profiles and tweaks inside the muffler that boost performance. It also gained a new speedo. The 400 also boasts EFI.

If you are looking for a reliable, reasonably priced machine that can play or work, the Ozark 250 should fit the bill. It has racks for work or carrying hunting or camping gear, but is always ready to have fun.

Fun quads don’t get much easier to care for than the shaft-drive, four-stroke, CVT QuadSport Z90. Designed for riders over 12 years of age, it should be a blast for young riders.