BUYER’S GUIDE: 2015 Mud Tires

While perusing the vendor area of the recent High Lifter Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, Texas, the new products that really stood out were all the new tires. It seemed like every booth we walked past was displaying some new mud meats, and each one was bigger than the next. All the new products are going to be great for each manufacturer. One company that will probably benefit the most is High Lifter. These larger tires might force everyone into buying High Lifter’s new Gear Lift setup. This bolt-on product allows stock or underpowered machines to turn the big tires without straining the engine, all while giving any machine 4 inches of added lift. We will have a complete test of this new product in the next issue. Until then, we wanted to bring you a close-up look at the largest new mud-tire offerings from the major ATV tire companies, whether they were displayed at the Mud Nationals or not. These are all samples of tires available in 30-inch sizing and beyond.


The Mammoth Mayhem is the latest of a long line of growing tires, including the Mega and Monster mud tires. This huge tire has a six-ply rating and a consistent, directional, 2-inch lug depth all the way around the tire. It’s basically a much stronger and more aggressive version of ITP’s popular 900 XCT that came stock on some RZRs. A thick rim guard and decorative designs on the tire’s carcass help it stand out and perform even when covered with the brown stuff.
Other sizes include 30×10-14 and 30×9-14.
Contact: (909) 390-1905,


STI’s big mud tire was introduced at the Mud Nationals this year. Their biggest offering is a monster, at 32×10- 17 and 53.2 pounds. The STI Outback Max uses an eight-ply-rated carcass that allows low-psi operation, superior flotation and the durability riders demand while keeping the weight competitive. The aggressive tread pattern features center lugs measuring 1.5 inches deep, with 2.0-inch-deep lugs at the shoulders. These lugs are built with a stepped-base design that minimizes flex across the tire’s tread, maximizing traction and tire strength.
Other sizes include 30×10-14 and 31×10-15.


The only true mud tire in the EFX lineup at the moment is the Moto Monster 30×10-14 at 48 pounds. One size is available, giving maximum lift and a consistent contact patch under all four corners. The 2-inch-tall lugs are grooved to provide some flex and help with clean-out in the real gooey stuff. EFX does have a new mud tire in the works that they say will be a game-changer, so stay tuned. No other sizes are available at this time.
Contact: (970) 241-4352,


Actually, this is High Lifter’s third tire in the Outlaw 2 line. It’s now available measuring at a massive 32.5 inches tall and weighing in at 56 pounds. The mud experts at High Lifter designed this tire with a seven-pitch design, so it cleans out exceptionally well. Its tread depths range from 1 5/8 inches in the center to 2 3/8 inches at the shoulder and 1 1/8 inches on the side wrap. Other sizes include 32.5×10.5-14, 29.5×9.5-14 and 28×9.5-14.


Gorilla made a name for themselves in the aftermarket axle business as machines started getting lifted high and higher. As their business grew, they ventured into the tire world with help from ITP. The Silverback tire became so popular, Can-Am uses it as stock equipment on their mud-specific machines. The Silverback is a big animal, with stepped lugs that get taller with each tire. The largest 32×10-14 has lugs that measure a full 2 1/2 inches. The Gorilla logo, as well as a thick rim guard, are some more great features.
Other sizes available: 27×10-12, 27×12-12, 28×10-12, 28×12-12, 30×10-12, 30×11-14 and 30×9-14.
Contact: (318) 345-8186,


The Mudzilla from Maxxis comes in a variety of sizes, from 25 inches all the way up to the largest size, 30×11- 14. Sizes are available for 12- and 14-inch rim sizes. The tread depth is relatively tame compared to some other mud tires out there. This tire has raised white lettering, a rim guard and a six-ply rating.
Other sizes include 26×9-12 26×12- 12, 27×9-12, 27×11-12, 28×8-12, 28×10- 12 and 28×12-12.
Contact: (678) 407-6700,


Super ATV’s giant 33×10-15 Terminator offers a very aggressive footprint with 2-inch-tall lugs. The Terminator’s six-ply construction is designed for performance and weighs 49 pounds. With its angled tread design, the tire diverts mud away for improved grip and traction in the mud. A unique tapered tread translates to self-cleaning. Super ATV also offered the Terminator Lock, which actually clamps onto a steel plate that you can order to fit any bolt pattern. It looks more like a weapon than a tire. It sells for $750.
Other sizes include 28×10-12, 28×10- 14, 28×12-14, 29.5×10-12, 29.5×10-14, 29.5×12-14 and 32×10-14.
Contact: (812) 574-7777,


Sedona’s 32×10-14 Mudder In Law is a massive chunk of rubber, with 2-inch-tall lugs that circle the tire. At the edges of the jugs that wrap around to the sidewall, the lugs get even taller and measure a quarter- inch taller. This gives the tire a paddle-wheel effect that helps propel it forward in the soupy conditions. The rest of the tire has an eight-ply rating and a thick rim guard.
Other sizes: 30×10-14.


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