2016 Polaris Lineup!

Polaris is the biggest ATV and UTV manufacturer in the business, and they carry one of the largest off-road vehicle lineups with 62 machines offered. They lead the sport UTV market with their RZR line and have machine and package choices for virtually anyone’s off-road taste. They didn’t pull any stops this year with the introduction of their 2016 lineup of machines. A 144-horsepower RZR XP Turbo, Ace 900 SP and an all-electric Ranger EV Li-ion are just a few of the new models released. Polaris is a company that doesn’t like to disappoint, and they certainly didn’t for 2016. It would be nice if they would offer a sport 450 quad again, but we can only have hope for the future.

The Polaris RZR line got two new additions for 2016: the RZR XP Turbo EPS and the RZR S 1000 EPS. Let’s start off with the all-new RZR XP Turbo. Ever since Can-Am introduced their Turbo Maverick 1000, we have been patiently awaiting for Polaris to throw a factory turbo system on the RZR platform. It’s finally here! It boosts 144 horsepower out of its 925cc, DOHC, twin-cylinder, turbocharged ProStar engine, which makes it the most powerful engine offered from factory in a UTV. The Fox Podium bypass shocks have been upgraded with stiffer lower springs and lighter-weight upper springs on all four corners of the dual-rate spring suspension. The RZR XP Turbo EPS took more features than the shocks from the Fox Edition RZR, like the front sway bar that has been redesigned to provide less body roll, and it is paired with a re-tuned rear sway bar. The RZR XP Turbo comes with EPS and weighs 1,495 pounds, which is over 100 pounds more than the RZR XP 1000. The additional weight comes from the turbo system and its inter-cooler. It rides on 29-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires and comes with triple-bore hydraulic front brakes instead of the dual-bore brakes off the RZR XP 1000. The RZR XP Turbo EPS comes in three color choices: Graphite Crystal, Spectra Orange, and Velocity Blue for a price of $24,999. The RZR XP 1000 EPS is offered in three models, including the $23,499 High Lifter Edition.

The RZR S 1000 provides plenty of power in a 60-inch-wide platform. The S 900 is a fun machine to drive, but the additional 100cc will make the S 1000 that much more enjoyable.

The second new RZR in the lineup is the 60-inch-wide RZR S 1000 EPS. It should be a big hit with trail rippers and GNCC racers alike with the addition of the 100-horsepower, 999cc, DOHC, twin-cylinder ProStar engine nestled in its nimble frame. The smaller track width helps it perform well in tighter terrain, but doesn’t hinder the RZR S from handling like a true sport UTV. It comes with EPS stock, factory-installed quarter doors and Fox 2.0 Podium X shocks on all four corners. The RZR S 1000 EPS costs $17,999, while the base RZR S 900 runs at $14,699. The RZR 4 900 EPS goes for $18,299. The 50-inch RZR 900 non-EPS starts at $12,799 with five other models, including the $17,200 RZR 900 EPS XC Edition.

Polaris didn’t pull any punches with the Ranger line, either. The 2016 Ranger lineup has two new full-size machines and two new two-seaters. The utility UTV category by Polaris is a big seller, and with machines like the fully electric Ranger EV Li-ion, it makes sense that they do well. The $22,999 EV Li-ion Ranger has a range of over 50 miles on one charge with its 48-volt, high-efficiency motor. It features an all-wheel-drive system with VersaTrac Turf Mode.

Polaris added three new gas machines to the Ranger lineup. The all-new Ranger 570 Full-Size starts at $9999 in a three-seater, 60-inchwide chassis. It holds a 44-horsepower ProStar 570 engine in its frame. This workhorse comes with independent rear suspension like the rest of the Ranger line that can handle an 800pound bed capacity and tow up to 1500 pounds The next addition to the Ranger line is the $12,599 Ranger 570 EPS Hunter Edition in Pursuit Camo. It comes with a 3500-pound winch and an Active Descent Control system for tackling steep terrain.

The 2016 Ranger XP 900 EPS High Lifter Edition brings a true mud machine to Polaris’ Ranger lineup with meaty 28-inch Outlaw II mud tires from High Lifter.

The final all-new machine added to the Ranger lineup is the Ranger XP 900 EPS High Lifter Edition in Stealth Black. It is the first three-seat mud-specific UTV available. This Ranger rides on 28-inch High Lifter Outlaw II tires, with electronic power steering standard to help handle messy mud situations. It features reduced gearing in the transmission to add a better torque range and an addition of a heavy-duty reverse chain. The Ranger comes with Polaris’ Pro-Lock AWD system to a faster-engaging 4×4 system. Snorkels have been implemented on the Ranger XP 900 EPS High Lifter Edition to keep mud and debris out of the clutch intake and outlet, as well as the engine air intake. A 4500-pound winch is designed into the new front bumper, along with the addition of a new rear bumper and standard half doors. The Ranger XP 900 EPS High Lifter Edition is priced at $18,499.

Polaris’ 2016 lineup surprised us with the Ace 900 SP. Not only does this machine have upgraded rear suspension over the Ace 570, it has a powerful 875cc ProStar engine that puts out 60 horsepower. It starts at $11,499 with standard power steering

Since the introduction of the single-seat Polaris Ace in January of 2014, we have had high hopes for the machine. The first model started as a 325cc-powered machine that handles like an ATV but is controlled like a UTV. We felt it needed more power, and our prayers were answered with the 2015 Ace 570. The 570 is a blast to drive, and the power was enough to have fun and tackle most terrain. That didn’t stop Polaris from upgrading the Ace even more.

For 2016 they released the $13,499 Ace 900 SP. It has an 875cc, fourstroke, DOHC, twin-cylinder engine with EPS standard. It weighs in at 966 pounds, where the Ace 570 weighs 854 pounds, so the added weight was counteracted with new dual-rate springs in the rear of the Ace. The ground clearance dropped by 0.25 inch from the clearance of the 570 at 10.25 inches. That probably won’t be a big deal in handling performance. The 900 SP has the same towing capacity as the Ace and Ace 570, so in reality the bigger engine will simply add to the fun factor of the machine. The Ace 570 SP and Ace 900 SP come with plastic quarter doors instead of the standard nets. The $11,499 Ace 570 SP comes with a standard engine braking system that no other Ace model has. We figured a bigger engine in the 900 SP would benefit with an engine braking system, maybe next year!

Polaris kicked off the 2016 Sportsman lineup with a few surprises in three machines. For starters, the all-new Sportsman 450 H.0. is now the least expensive machine in their utility ATV category, starting at $5999. It runs a ProStar engine that produces 31 horsepower. The 450 shares the same MacPherson front suspension and independent rear suspension with their On-Demand AWD system. The Sportsman 450 H.O. utilizes 24-inch tires instead of the 25-inch set that runs on the 570. It can tow up to 1,225 pounds and hold 270 pounds between the front and rear cargo racks. The Sportsman 450 H.O. is a well-priced utility ATV that has many of the same features as its bigger siblings, but doesn’t come with EPS. However, that keeps its price point down. The H.O. highly resembles last year’s Sportsman ETX, except 1 horsepower was added to the engine output. However, upon further digging we found out that they changed the engine to the 567cc ProStar powerplant from the Sportsman 570 that has been detuned from 44 down to 31 horsepower, and the H.O. costs the same as the ETX did.

Polaris released two more machines that carry the High Lifter name and styling. The 2016 Sportsman XP 850 and 1000 High Lifter Editions have their radiators relocated to the top of the front rack with fans that blow air on them to keep them cool.

The other two new additions to the Sportsman lineup is the XP 850 and 1000 High Lifter Edition models. Both machines have had their radiators relocated to the top of the front cargo rack to reduce mud getting stuck in them and inverted cooling fans to help keep them cool. They each come with high-clearance dual-A-arm suspension with stiffer springs on all four corners and run on 29.5-inch High Lifter Outlaw II tires. To help push the bigger tires, the 850 and 1000 have lower geared transmissions that help the machine claw through thick mud. The $13,999 Sportsman XP 1000 High Lifter Edition comes with aluminum wheels, EPS and a handlebar-mounted mud bar to help control the machine. A 3500-pound winch and front tow hooks come on the custom-designed front bumper as well. The Sportsman XP 850 High Lifter Edition sells for $9999. New color and package options are offered on other Sportsman models.

Polaris’ youth lineup offers four ATVs for 2016. The new Outlaw and Sportsman 110 EFI run at $3099. The Phoenix 200 is offered at $3599 and the Outlaw 50 costs $2099. For 2016 the only youth UTV is the RZR 170 EFI that is available for $4699. For more information on Polaris’ 2016 lineup of off-road machines, go to www.polaris.com.

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