BUYER’S GUIDE: 2016 Youth ATVs

Another year has passed, which means new and exciting ATV models have hit the market. Nowadays, these machines are coming with more features at better price points. Power steering is becoming a standard feature on a lot of new machines, which is a nice thing to have.

The 4×4 market is gaining new models every year, which is a major plus; unfortunately, the sport-quad side of things is beginning to dwindle. There are less offerings of sport ATVs than we have seen in a long time. Yamaha’s Raptor 250 and 125 have become more difficult to find, along with Kawasaki’s KFX450 and Can-Am’s DS 450, but they are out there, so contact your local dealer and they can help locate them for you. Some machines aren’t getting updated this year, like Honda’s TRX450R that remains unchanged from previous years with its steel frame and carburetor. We hope that as time goes on we will see more thrilling sport ATVs hit the market again as technology keeps advancing.

However, there are still great options to choose from at great prices. Assembled in the pages that follow are photos, prices and descriptions of over 80 ATVs that are out for 2016.
The prices listed are base MSRP, so depending on your destination, better deals await you.

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Apex: (480) 507-5050,
Arctic Cat: (218) 681-9851,
Can-Am: (715) 848-4957,
CFMoto: (888) 823-6686,
Hisun: (972) 446-0760,
Honda: (310) 783-2000,
Kawasaki: (949) 770-0400,
Kymco: (864) 327-4744,
Polaris: (888) 704-5290,
Suzuki: (714) 996-7040,
Yamaha: (714) 761-7300,

BUYERS_74_Apex Mini

APEX PRO MXR 50/70/85/90/100 ($3,800-$4,000)
Apex offers your young rider a selection of performanceracing ATVs. These little powerhouse machines come with race-tuned suspension, strong brakes and energetic engines. If your child wants to race on the track or ride hard on the trails, Apex has a quad for them.

BUYERS_75_Arctic Cat DVX 90

ARCTIC CAT DVX 90 ($2,899)
The DVX 90 is Arctic Cat’s sporty youth ATV. It comes with a single-overhead-cam engine paired with an automatic CVT transmission with forward, neutral and reverse. A safety flag and working head- and taillights are standard on the little machine. Drum-type front brakes and rear hydraulic discs slow this little ATV down.

BUYERS_76_Arctic Cat 90

ARCTIC CAT 90 ($2,899)
The Arctic Cat 90 shares the same engine and frame with the DVX 90, but instead of sport-quad styling, it is designed to be a mini version of an Arctic Cat utility ATV. Cargo racks are on the front and rear of the little machine, and its single-A-arm front suspension with swingarm rear suspension help it carry up to 25 pounds between the two racks.

BUYERS_77_Can Am DS90X (2)

CAN-AM DS 90 ($2,849)
Can-Am’s DS 90 is their smallest ATV available. The DS 90 has an 89.5cc four-stroke engine that has plenty of power for your young one to get used to. It is electrically started, but has a backup kickstarter as well. An automatic CVT transmission helps put the power to the ground, and drum brakes in the front and rear slow the little machine down.

BUYERS_78_Can Am DS90X (1)

CAN-AM DS 90 X ($3,749)
The DS 90 X is designed to be a racing machine. It comes 41 inches wide for a stable footprint in turns and over rough terrain. An automatic CVT transmission with reverse helps the 89cc, four-stroke, air-cooled engine motor onward. Hydraulic disc brakes come on the DS X in the front and rear for quicker stopping power. HPG piggyback shocks come standard on the DS 90 X.

BUYERS_79_Hisun Axis 110

HISUN AXIS 110 ($2,099)
The Axis 110 is Hisun’s sportiest-styled ATV that your kid will like. It has an electronic-starting system and is electronically fuel-injected. A 108cc four-stroke engine is at the heart of this little machine. Hydraulic disc brakes help slow it down in the front and the rear and the Axis even comes with reverse.

BUYERS_80_Hisun Forge 110

HISUN FORGE 110 ($2,199)
The Axis and Forge 110 share the same little four-stroke 108cc engine that is fuel-injected. An automatic CVT-style transmission helps put the power to the rear wheels for your youth to have a good time riding the trails. The Forge is designed to look like a big 4×4 utility ATV. It has front and rear cargo racks.

2015 Honda TRX90X
2015 Honda TRX90X

HONDA TRX90X ($2,999)
Honda’s youth ATV is a blast for kids to ride. It comes with a four-speed manual transmission without a clutch, so your young ones can get used to shifting gears. It is electronically started and has a keyed ignition so you can choose who rides it and when. The TRX90X is a great, sporty stepping stone for your youth to prepare for a bigger machine.

BUYERS_82_Kawasaki KFX90

KAWASAKI KFX 90 ($2,599)
This 89cc, air-cooled machine is a blast for your young ones. It has an automatic CVT-style transmission with reverse and is electronically started. A backup kickstarter comes on the KFX as well. A keyed ignition will keep your young ones from going on joy rides, and a throttle limiter will help you keep their speeds down as well.

BUYERS_83_Kawasaki KFX50

KAWASAKI KFX 50 ($1,999)
Kawasaki’s smallest ATV is their KFX 50. Young riders that are fresh to the sport will love this little machine. It has a push-button electric-starter and a kickstarter as a backup. This chain-driven machine has front drum brakes with hydraulic disc brakes in the rear to help slow down your young one. A throttle limiter also comes on this youth quad.

Buyers_84_Kymco Mongoose 90S

The Mongoose S 90 is rated for kids that are 10 years old and up. The little ATV is electronically started and has a smooth CVT transmission with reverse. A throttle limiter comes on the machine so you can set your youth’s speed. The suspension has spring preload adjustments to set a smooth ride.

Buyers_85_Kymco Mongoose 70S

This little fun machine is rated for kids who are 6 years of age and up. It comes with a throttle limiter and safety tether. An easy-to-use push-button starting system comes on the 70S, as well as a backup kickstarter. The little 69cc, single-cylinder four-stroke engine packs enough fun for any young ones who want to shred some trails.

BUYERS_86_Polaris Outlaw 110

POLARIS OUTLAW 110 ($3,099)
Riders who are 10 years of age or older can pilot this little fuel-injected 112cc Outlaw. Single-A-arm suspension softens the ride up front, while a rear swingarm with 6 inches of suspension travel keeps the ride smooth. The brakes are four-wheel drum, and parents can adjust the throttle to keep their child riding at a safe speed.

BUYERS_87_Polaris Sportsman 110

The Sportsman 110 shares all the same attributes of the Outlaw 110, but it is styled like its bigger Sportsman ATV siblings. There is a front and rear rack on the little machine that can hold a combined weight of 45 pounds. They both also have reverse in their automatic CVT-style transmission with rear-wheel drive.

BUYERS_88_Polaris Outlaw 50

POLARIS OUTLAW 50 ($2,099)
This little quad is rated for riders 6 years of age and older. It has a 49cc single-cylinder engine that is carbureted and air-cooled. Drum brakes help slow this little ATV down on all four wheels, and an automatic CVT-style transmission helps put power to the rear wheels. A throttle limiter and safety tether come on the little Outlaw as well.

BUYERS_89_Suzuki Z90

The Z90 is a great little youth ATV. It sports a 90cc fourstroke engine that is air-cooled and paired with an automatic CVT-style transmission. Drum brakes help slow the machine down, while an electric starter is what turns the engine on. A throttle limiter comes on the Z90 to keep your youths speed’s down.

BUYERS_90_Yamaha Raptor 90

YAMAHA RAPTOR 90 ($2,799)
For 2016 Yamaha’s youth ATV is their Raptor 90. It has a 90cc, air-cooled, SOHC four-stroke engine that powers its rear wheels by chain. It comes with an electric- and a kickstarter. Dual drum brakes up front and one in the rear slow this little Raptor down. This youth machine is rated for riders who are 10 years of age or older.

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