Let’s go muddin’

Are you ready to rumble?! High Lifter Products added a third Mud National Event for mud enthusiast around the country. This time the High Lifter team headed to Ozark, Arkansas to host Mulberry Mud Nationals, presented by Mad Hatter Performance. Polaris, Vicars Powersports, TruLove Construction and Delton Williams came in as sponsors for the first ever Mud Nationals in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

To no surprise, the event was filled with dirt track racing, games, trail riding and its signature Mudda Cross. Mulberry Mountain Lodging was the perfect place to hold this new annual event, as it offers 650 acres of beautiful hillside camping, an outdoor stage and is surrounded by miles of scenic trails and natural waterfalls. The fall colors were in abundance as riders enjoyed the foliage as they made their way through hundreds of miles of amazing scenery in Mulberry’s diverse lush terrain.

The four-day event kicked off with Time Trial Races on a newly designed track built by Rick Long, with Mad Hatter Performance. These races were new to the Mud Nationals event line up and offered up some fast dirt track racing for all ages.  Racers came in from all over to fly through the course and bring in the best time. Sharp turns and man-made jumps were strategically added to the course as a challenge to the racers. The youngest racer, Noah Helms, even flew through the course taking home a 1st place the 170 class.

High Lifter didn’t disappoint with its newest mud pit. This race track was designed with spectators in mind. The course not only allowed racers to showcase their speed through its deep muddy waters, but had 2 new whoops that launched several racers out of the mud as they pulled in cheers from the packed crowd. Attendees piled in around the new mud pit to see who would win the fight in the end. The crowds went wild, as one racer ended up on its side and another jumped the side wall to find itself most of the way out of the pit. Fans went wild!

These Mulberry Mud Nat’s trail and mud racers meant business, driving in from as far away as North Carolina, Minnesota and even Utah to devour the pit and take home the cash. Big payouts trophies were awarded for all events Saturday night before the concert. High Lifter knows how to please a crowd when the sun goes down at its Mud Nat events; 90lb Wrench, Cody Wayne Band, Cort Carpenter and finally Billboard recording artist and song writer, Eric Paslay played to the crowds on Friday and Saturday night at Mulberry’s huge outdoor concert stage, sponsored by Abernathy’s.

Although, most attendees came to see the racing, others came to see longtime friends and to meet new ones. Industry vendors offered new units at Vicar’s Powersports, mud boots and gear from Gator Waders, UTV and ATV parts and accessories, plus all kinds of eats on Food Truck Row. The RV campsites stayed lit up at night as the bragging took place of who broke what, who was stuck the worst and who’s bikes is better.

After 15 years of throwing a mud party like no other, High Lifter’s newest event, Mulberry Mud Nationals, presented by Mad Hatter Performance, goes down as exciting time for all and definitely an event to attend again. Can’t wait to see what High Lifter has planned for 2018!


Mudda Cross
Lite Class
1. Robert Parker
2. J.D. Krezman
3. Jeovany Pinilla
Bogger Class

1. Robert Parker
2. Mike Poolman
3. Jeovany Pinilla
Pro A Class
1. Robert Parker
2. Chris Pfeffer
3. Nick Zastrow
Pro B Class
1. Chris Peffer
2. Mark Vandervlies
3. Jeremy Lind
Open Class
1. Chris Pfeffer
2. Lake Edwards
3. Robert Parker
RUV Class
1. Mike Poolman
2. Matt Cantrell
3. Levi Thomas

Time Trials

Junior Class
1. Nolan Helms
2. Bree Seek
Ladies Class
1. Kimberly Helms
2. Monica Freeny
3. London Moreland
Sportsman Class
1. Laramie Freeny
2. Chris Rogers
1000 Pro Class
1. Emory Helms
2. Derek Moreland
3. Ray Stuessy
1000 Pro Unlimited Class
1. Knox Griffin
2. Emory Helms
3. Wade Freeny

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