The first round of the Big 6 Grand Prix racing series kicked off with a fun event for the whole family to enjoy! Riders from all over the west coast showed up to test their skills against each other in multiple types of terrain. This first round of the 2018 series was held at the Maverick Stadium in the High Desert of Adelanto, CA.



Every January, the So Cal Motorcycle club puts on the first round of Big 6 with a three-day weekend of events planned everywhere you turn. Bands, DJs, and vendors keep spectators occupied between intense races. There is an impressive RC Race course with big jumps that held impressive remote-controlled trucks and buggies in heated battles. Inside the stadium racers take on the enduro style section of the course and if you walk out to the motocross section, riders fly high over jumps.


The Adelanto GP course is designed to test rider’s skills in different types of terrain, but mostly through high speed desert sections. Once riders battle through the miles of whoops, turns and asphalt straightaways, they dive down into the Maverick Stadium baseball diamond to the enduro course. The Enduro course has spines, wood pits, tractor tires, and telephone poles to ride over. Once they passed through scoring, it’s on to a fun motocross section with multiple jumps, including a water jump that had a two-foot-deep pool of muddy water to ride through if they couldn’t make the leap!

Entering the race is easy. If you would like to race but only plan to try it out for the weekend, you don’t need any special requirements, except for what the rule books states on their web site. If you want to join the whole series that travels through the western states of California, Arizona, and Nevada it would be smart to get yourself an AMA membership at www.americanmotorcyclist.com and a District 37 Grand Prix membership at www.big637ama.org.


The Adelanto GP is a blast to compete in. The quad classes range from Novice to Expert level with 30 years of age and older Vet versions of each class. We hope that a lot more four-wheel racing lovers can flood into the Big 6 Series and open up youth, beginner and Pro classes in the future. The courses laid out are a ton of fun and each race runs for an hour.

To get more info on the Big 6 Grand Prix series, go to www.big6racing.com. You can find the full 2018 schedule of events, race results, and much more on their web site!


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