ROXOR: It’s Not What You Think

It’s not a Jeep

When you look at the specs for the all new ROXOR, your first instinct will be to think “it’s a new Willys Jeep!”. While the ROXOR is a Mahindra Automotive product, and it really is modeled somewhat after the Willys Jeep, it is in all technicality a strictly offroad use UTV. The ROXOR was built with limitations that purposely keep it off the road and you won’t see any after market ad ons to make it happen. This is a ROHVA compliant vehicle and is limited to 45 miles an hour. The steering rack and a few other components make it generally awkward for street use, in order to discourage it.

Although this machine does not run on a rubber band, and the turbo deisel engine may sound intimidating, it was made with the intent of being simple to work on and maintain. It was also intended to be a “blank canvas” vehicle that will have endless customization options. The Mahindra ROXOR facility even has it’s own graphics plotter so that any design idea can be accommodated.


What Roxor is Made of

While the ROXOR is currently only available as a 2.5L turbo diesel engine with a 5 speed stick, they are looking into other drivetrain options depending on the demand of the market, including speculations for gas, automatic, and more. For now the ROXOR only comes with a bare cage and door nets but they have confirmed that full doors, roofs, and skid plates will be available as ad ons in the near future.The spacious two seat cab and large durable bed really give this vehicle some versatility. Because it is so heavy, it gives you an idea of how rugged this machine is meant to be. It weighs in at just over 3k but can tow just as much.

Spec Sheet_Limited Edition_LE_022318-page-002
The base model comes as just that, basic. However, at a price point of $15,549 you are still getting your money’s worth with 16 inch wheels, leaf spring suspension, bed liner, stamped steel frame, and front disk/rear drum brakes. If you decide you want your ROXOR to be a little more decked out from the start you can order the LE version for $18,999. This upgrade includes BFG Ko2 tires, Bestop soft top, KC HiLites light bar, MTX Bluetooth sound bar, 8000lb Warn winch, and a few small extras like hand holds and mirrors.


Market Demographic

So if it’s not a belt drive and its not a Jeep who is it made for?

The ROXOR is the bridge between those two worlds. It can be fitting for campers, hunters, crawlers, desert junkies, trail lovers, farmers, mudders, and even hardcore Jeepers. It has the capabilities of any UTV on the market but gives you the drivability of a 4×4 car. That is, if you happen to be a good ol’ boy who still knows the dying art of driving a stick. We like to call that a millennial anti theft system. Because it’s so early, and the ROXOR is basically a new category in the UTV market, it’s hard to tell just who will be most excited about this machine. Be that as it may, Mahindra reported hundreds of orders within hours of of the launch. We are interested to see where this machine will take course, and we can’t wait to drive one in the coming weeks!

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