— Some of you may not be familiar with Yanmar, but farmers and boaters probably are. This Japanese company is one of the largest makers of diesel engines and is what comes in most boats over 30 feet long. Yanmar has also been building tractors and smaller construction equipment for awhile now. This year they began selling Utility Task Vehicles, known as the Bull and the Longhorn.

When you look at their two UTV models you may see a resemblance to Yamaha’s Viking models. Well, there’s a reason for that. Last year Yanmar made a partnership deal with Yamaha, which means the Bull and Longhorn are their versions of the three and six seater Vikings. They come with the same Yamaha 700 gas engine.

Yanmar’s new UTVs are sold exclusively through the company’s extensive North American Compact Construction Equipment and Agriculture Tractor dealer network. Both models come with electric power-steering, with the Bull selling for $14,395, and the Longhorn costing $15,499.

More info on Yanmar’s website> https://www.yanmar.com/us/products/utv/