Prices and info on Honda's 2019 quads

By the staff of Dirt Wheels


Honda is back for 2019 with two types of ATVs: sport and recreation/utility. As with most brands, there are many more rec/utility models than there are sport. Honda has its perennial favorites—the four-speed, auto-clutch TRX90X and the SportClutch five-speed manual TRX250X—back. The venerable 90 engine traces its roots back to the late 1960s, but it remains competitive, thanks to legendary reliability and simplicity.

The engine design also keeps the base price down to $3049. The TRX250X’s pedigree is not quite so long as the TRX90X’s is, but it is also a well-established unit that is a favorite with new riders, and it is the backbone of rental fleets. The longitudinal engine architecture and the manual transmission with an auto clutch with a manual override clutch lever make this an ideal learning bike for $4849. White for the 90 and blue for the TRX250X are the new colors for 2019.

Honda freshened the looks of the TRX250X with this pleasant blue color. It is still available in red as well. We love the SportClutch. It has the benefits of a manual clutch with the ease of an auto-clutch.



The pinnacle of Honda’s rec/utility line is the FourTrax Rincon that starts at $9399. Power comes from a unique 675cc engine with an automotive-type, three-speed automatic transmission. This is the same basic power package used by the Pioneer 700 UTV. The Rincon has comfortable IRS and many other features. It is not changed for 2019.

Honda’s FourTrax Foreman Rubicon is an able performer and a proven survivor. This nice Shale Blue is a 2019 color.


Starting at $8599 are the four IRS FourTrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4 models. The Rubicon has a longitudinally-mounted 475cc engine available with an auto-clutch, manual foot-shift five-speed or the dual-clutch five-speed (DCT). DCT allows fully automatic use or push-button electric shifting. There is the 4×4 EPS model, the 4×4 Automatic DCT, DCT EPS and DCT EPS Deluxe. The only 2019 changes for the Rubicon are a fully blacked-out version of the FourTrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4 Automatic EPS Deluxe with aluminum wheels and painted bodywork.

This Vapor White Rancher Automatic IRS EPS is the top of the 420cc Rancher lineup.


There are only two models of the FourTrax Foreman 4×4. It has the same engine as the Rubicon, but it has a swingarm rear suspension, and the only transmission choices are auto-clutch five-speed foot-shift and an electric shift model with ESP auto-shift mode. The Foreman starts at $7299. Zest Orange is a new color for the Foreman for 2019.

Zest Orange is one of the colors for the FourTrax Foreman 4×4 ES EPS. It has swingarm rear suspension and dual-A-arm front suspension.


There are six models of the 420cc Rancher. The base model is the 2 WD FourTrax Rancher with an auto-clutch, manual five-speed and a solid rear axle. Next up is the Rancher 4×4 with the same rear suspension and transmission. Next up is the Rancher 4×4 ES with push-button shifting. Then comes the Rancher Automatic DCT EPS. The last two Rancher models switch to independent rear suspension. One is the Rancher Automatic DCT IRS, and the last is the same specs with EPS. The Rancher starts at $5349.

The venerable TRX90X hasn’t changed mechanically, but it does come in white in addition to red. More riders have begun a motorized life with this engine than any other.


If you crave simplicity and reliability, look no farther than the two 2WD, air-cooled, carbureted Honda Recons starting at $4199.  It has a swingarm rear suspension, and it comes in olive or red. There is the Recon or the Recon ES that allows push-button or fully automatic shifting.

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