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2020 Dirt Wheels Christmas Gift Guide

The Christmas season is fast approaching. Those of us afflicted with an off-road passion, have some very specific ideas for gift-giving this holiday season.  Here are 13  great gift ideas, via our 2020 Dirt Wheels Christmas Gift Guide.

First, we scoured the industry offerings and came up with 13 items. These would make excellent gifts, for virtually any off-road fan that you care about.


Perfect for off-road families. The Hook-N-Go tow bar allows you to tow a small quad behind your UTV or 4×4 ATV. If you have kids, you know the length of time and distance they can ride before getting tired.

If you are going on a longer ride, this is the perfect fix so they aren’t left out or left behind. Transfer your tired rider into a UTV or onto a two-up quad. Use the Hook-N-Go to tow the rider-less machine. The Hook-N-Go is also great if you run into mechanical issues on the trail. A quick setup makes it convenient to use at any time.


Why park your sport quad when the snow starts to fall? Get out and ride with the ATSKi conversion kit! The ideal-use conditions for this kit, are 2 to 4 inches of snow. Occasional deep snow areas can be crossable with momentum. Hard-packed snow trails and ice-covered snow are perfect for the ATSKi. A set of snow or studded rear tires will help improve performance. Deep snow requires the use of rear tracks though. www.diamondjcustoms.com

BUS BARS: $18.95–$19.95

Hopefully, your dirt addict got lots of cool electrical gifts. But electrical power sports accessories can take a heavy toll on your battery. The Moose bus bars allow you to have multiple electrical connections, without overloading your battery terminals. They come with stainless steel studs for excellent electrical contact, and the bus bar is made of tin-plated solid copper, for maximum conductivity and resistance to corrosion. They are safe, with a continuous load of 130-amp A.C., 150-amp D.C., and a maximum voltage rating of 300-volt A.C., 48-volt  D.C. The four-position 2120-1040 is $18.95, and the seven-position 2120-1041 runs $19.95 www.mooseutilities.com


Having a winch on your machine is very cool. But having this bag of winch accessories to take along with you, will make the winch work better and protects nature. This kit is safe for up to 8000 pounds and includes the basics for a winch rescue. Eight feet of 1-inch tree trunk protector, a snatch block, and a 1/2-inch D-shackle are sure to get you out of a winch pinch. www.mooseutilities.com

OVERPASS VIDEO GAME: $49.99–$69.99

Overpass is an off-road video game and is made for riding, just like you would in real life. That makes it a perfect gift. You are charged with picking the right lines while riding. You also have real-world problems, like flat tires or broken axles to deal with which affect your abilities. Gaining traction is key, and the terrain is difficult. There are six different venues, and 43 different tracks, with natural and man-made obstacles. This game is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Let them know at Overpass.com that you used the 2020 DIRT WHEELS CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE to help make your decision. https://play-overpass.com


We have experience with this particular product, so we know that it is the perfect gift for your off-road fan. The Assault Industries MDH features a spring-loaded slider cap, and adjustable feet to securely hold a variety of devices. Foam padding also protects your mobile device. You can choose between a fixed mount, with an M10 clamp, RAM mounts, or a Mag mount. The kit should work with most popular smartphones and some small tablets. Take your smart device for a ride! www.assaultind.com, (714) 799-6711


All off-roaders appreciate new goggles, with fresh face foam and bright, clear new lenses. Triple-layer rider comfort foam, helps with sweat absorption and fitment. While the removable nose guard ensures comfort and easy breathing. The Boundary ventilation system helps keep riders cool and fog-free. Rythem goggles come in a wide variety of colors. www.flowvisionco.com


Our little guys love going fast. Sadly, we can’t always spare the time to get to the trail to keep the off-road action going. Give your family members anytime-anywhere fun, with the Traxxas X-Maxx RC monster truck. Powered by over 30 volts, the X-Maxx is the ultimate gift for wheels-up action and 50-plus-mph speeds. The trucks are fast and powerful, have amazing suspension, and look realistic and cool. Being electric, there is little sound, and you can have fun in very little room.www.traxxas.com/products/landing/x-maxx/


We can tell you that we would be pumped to get this amazing toolkit as a gift! This 62-piece tool kit is tailored for UTVs and other vehicles that use metric tools. The sleek design makes it mountable, lightweight, and easy to carry. Filled with Torx-series tools, the “on-the-go” toolkit has a limited lifetime warranty. www.assaultind.com, (714) 799-6711

G-FORCE REDLINE CVT BELT: $64.95–$190.96

There is no better feeling than knowing you have a fresh CVT belt or a spare on hand. G-Force RedLine belts are made for greater heat-resistance and recovery even under severe-duty cycles. The patented compound maximizes axial stiffness, which enables them to run at higher, continuous torques or loads. The new design allows for better performance, longer durability, and a better ride, with less power loss and better acceleration. Prices vary based on machine size and power. www.gates.com

RACELINE KRANK WHEELS: $219.95–$294.95

Wheels make a great gift. Nothing freshens the look of a machine like wheels! The Krank XL offers state-of-the-art designs and color options in a wide range of size options. The exclusive rock ring includes vents to allow water and debris to flow freely, making it great for functioning in and out of the mud. Sizes range from 15×7 to 22×7.www.racelinewheels.com, (800) 52-WHEEL

SEDONA TIRES TRAIL SAW RT: $199.95–$269.95

What off-roader can say that they don’t need tires? So, naturally, we are all happy to have or get new tires. The Sedona Trail Saw is a true coast-to-coast performance tire, from deserts in the West to East Coast woods. The aggressive 18mm tread has a crown radius, rock ejectors, and a durable sidewall for multiple driving conditions. Available from 28 to 35 inches.www.sedonatires.com


In addition to being mega tough, RK chains look amazing. Few things feel as great as a fresh chain. While the GB520EXW is a mouthful, it makes a great gift for your quad guy/gal! Made for high speeds, extreme heat, and lasting performance, this 120-link chain is available in gold or natural finish and has three lubrication pools for extra protection.www.rkexcelamerica.com,760-732-3161


Obor Tires offers the perfect gift for both UTV and ATV riders. The aggressive Predator SxS tire is rugged and ready to take on tough trails. The Predator is available in sizes, up to 34 inches, starting at $220. If you are looking for a set of sport quad tires, then the Advent (starting at $99) line is your one-stop-shop for any terrain. www.obor-tires.com or www.amazon.com/OBOR

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