Injecting RMAX performance into the nimble X2 platform By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The Wolverine X2 1000 comes pre-wired for a $99.99 accessory switch that activates the RMAX’s D-Mode power delivery maps—Sport, Trail and Crawl—complete with three levels of engine braking.

Yamaha expands its lineup of recreational side-by-sides with the all-new 2024 Wolverine X2 1000, which combines the agility of the X2 850 platform with the engine technology and power of the Wolverine RMAX 1000. Yamaha engineers designed the Wolverine X2 1000 to deliver exceptional capability, performance, comfort and confidence with its compact and value-packed package. Dirt Wheels got the chance to drive the new X2 1000s at Brushy Mountain Motorsports Park, which is where we first drove the Wolverine X4 850.


Based on the Wolverine X2 850 platform, the X2 1000 adds all-new suspension A-arms that bring width 1.5 inches out to 63.6 inches, and they’re mated with Sachs ZX piggyback shocks with adjustable high- and low-speed compression and preload. Front travel jumps from 8.7 inches on the 850 to 13.3 inches on the X2 1000, while rear travel increases from 9.3 inches to 15.5 inches. Both X2s have a wheelbase of 83.7 inches. For comparison, the RMAX2 1000 has a wheelbase of 86.7 inches, a width of 66.1 inches, and front travel of 14.2 inches and rear travel of 16.9 inches. The X2 1000 also has front and rear sway bars to fight body roll while allowing articulation on uneven terrain, and it weighs 131 pounds less than the RMAX2.

Take that nimble and compact platform and add an RMAX 1000-inspired, 999cc, inline twin with DOHC, eight valves, and dual 48mm EFI throttle bodies that deliver an 8,500-rpm redline. The Wolverine X2 1000 is designed to top out at around 70 mph via Yamaha’s real-world Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) that’s tuned to deliver smooth and linear response. The X2 1000 is also pre-wired for the RMAX’s Yamaha D-Mode accessory switch (a $99.99 accessory) with Sport mode for maximum power and acceleration, Trail mode for more linear and smooth response, or Crawl mode with moderated throttle response and acceleration. All three D-modes also fine-tune engine braking for conditions and performance.

Mated to the more powerful engine, Yamaha’s On-Command system lets drivers quickly choose from 2WD, limited-slip 4WD, and fully locked 4WD, and the Ultramatic automatic CVT transmission is backed by Yamaha’s 10-year belt warranty. Handling is also enhanced with Yamaha’s torque- and speed-sensitive EPS system that varies EPS assist for smooth and precise feedback through the steering wheel. Off-road performance is further enhanced with a low-sloped hood, low-height and narrow dash, and low seating position.

X2 1000s also get a premium automotive-style interior inspired by the RMAX with padded touch-points for elbows and knees, a rubber over-molded steering wheel with 17 degrees of tilt adjustment, six-way-adjustable seat belts, and new throttle and brake pedals. X2 1000s also get a blue back-lit LED dash meter, RMAX-inspired sealed console and glove boxes, an open-gate shifter, soft-touch parking brake lever, two deep cup holders, and LED interior and console lighting.

X2s also have all-new 14-inch aluminum rims incorporating Yamaha’s iconic tuning-fork design, and they’re shod with 28x10R-14 Maxxis Bighorns. Front-width rear tires are also new to X2 1000s, but not RMAXs. Brakes are two-piston hydraulic calipers squeezing 207mm (8.149-inch) vented disc rotors on all four corners, and the rear calipers also have mechanical parking-brake actuators. 

The Wolverine X2 1000 comes pre-wired for a $99.99 accessory switch that activates the RMAX’s D-Mode power delivery maps—Sport, Trail and Crawl—complete with three levels of engine braking.


Wolverine X2 1000s come in two trim levels for 2024; R-Specs have rear over-fenders and an MSRP of $17,999, while XT-Rs retail for $19,999 and come with painted bodywork, Warn VRX4500 winch, sun top, rear-view mirror, four over-fenders, and color-matched interior. Yamaha’s 2024 RMAX2 R-Spec has an MSRP of $22,999, the  RMAX2 1000 Sport is $24,899, the XT-R is $26,199, and the Limited Edition is $26,699. The RMAX4 R-Spec is $25,399, the XT-R is $28,199, and the Limited Edition is $29,399. The 2024 Wolverine X2 850 R-Spec is $15,799, the XT-R is $17,399, and the X4 850 starts at $18,399 for the R-Spec, and goes to $19,999 for the XT-R . Polaris announces that the 2024 General 1000 lineup will start at $17,499, and the General XP 1000 will start at $24,499. The RZR Trail S 1000 Sport is $17,999, and the Ultimate is $21,999. No other manufacturer has released 2024 prices as of press time.

Seats are comfortable and secure, and the driver’s side is adjustable. Upper seat-belt mounts are adjustable, and the bolsters add to the security.


While the press briefing told us that the 2024 Wolverine X2 1000 would be a formidable woods weapon, the X2 1000 XT-R far exceeded our high expectations. Brushy Mountain had undergone a lot of hard use since we had been there, and conditions closely resembled the Snowshoe GNCC but without the ski lifts. The X2’s RMAX4-level engine was most impressive, and our test units had the $99.99 D-Mode switch installed, and the Sport mode made the more wide-open and wide sections of trail blur by in a rush. Acceleration was impressive, as the X2 would pin us to the seat under perfect soil conditions, and drifts were plentiful around the fast sweepers, even in 4WD.

Tighter sections called for calming things down to stay on the mountain, so we spent most of the day in Trail mode, which also delivered spirited acceleration, climbs and cornering. Some really steep and rocky climbs called for Crawl mode, as did slick off-camber red-clay sections. D-mode also fine-tunes engine braking in each mode, and the X2’s four-wheel EBS was effective and impressive, especially in Crawl. The Ultramatic CVT also delivered smooth engagement and impressive hook-up in all modes and conditions. We only had to engage diff-lock on a couple of super-technical steep climbs, which had some of the less experienced winching out of jams. The X2 conquered every obstacle with total confidence.

We mentioned that X2 1000s have the RMAX4 engine setting, which has 20-gram clutch weights instead of the RMAX2’s 18-gram weights. The RMAX2 comes with 30-inch tires, while the RMAX4 has 29s. X2 1000s has 28s, but Yamaha engineers felt that the X2 1000 was “busy” with the lighter weights. We couldn’t find a thing to snivel about with the final setting, and by the end of the long and technical loop, we had total confidence in power and delivery.

Suspension was equally impressive. While the longer X2 1000 A-arms mimic the RMAX design, they’re unique to the X2 1000. X2 850 track width is 60 inches, and the X2 1000 track width is 61 inches, yet rear travel jumped from 9.3 inches to 15.5. This meant that the X2 1000’s inner A-arm mounts were closer together. To keep price low, Yamaha went with the Sachs ZF shocks with separate high-and low-speed tuning. HSC has 32 clicks of adjustment, while LSC has 24 clicks; factory settings are 12 out on HSC and 16 out on LSC. As we grew more confident in the X2 1000, we got into a great flow and approached full derby mode by the end. We only bottomed a front shock twice—once in a big G-out and once on a microwave-sized rock. If we had more time to test, we would’ve tried a couple of more clicks in on HSC and LSC. Truly impressive.

Most of all, Brushy tested the agility of the X2 1000s with multiple super-tight and technical switchbacks, and the XT-Rs delivered with a tight turning radius and a quick steering rack, which is different than the RMAX2’s. EPS assist was also very helpful in wheeling around each switchback. We only had to go to reverse twice to get around, both times when the front Bighorns slid on red-clay mud. The loop got progressively tighter and steeper with gnarlier switchbacks, yet we were hitting them harder, coming in high and wide, then powering out after the pivot. By the end, we could place either front Bighorn exactly where we wanted it, and it tracked true, even on super-steep downhills. The brakes and EBS were totally predictable, and we had total confidence in the machine.

The X2 1000 interior also borrows heavily from the RMAX2 with the cushioned console lid and knee soft-touch points on the inner door liners. The console and dash have eight pre-cuts for the accessory switch, and they’re covered with rubber plugs that are the same as the floor drains.


Again, the Wolverine X2 1000 delivers RMAX2-level performance at a value-point price. The cabin bristles with RMAX2 quality and comfort with a cushioned console storage cover, cell-phone pocket and deep cup holders. Doors are solid and have inner liners with padded knee touch points, molded speaker mounts, and solid-aluminum latch releases. Seats are comfortable and supportive, and they’re backed by shoulder bolsters. The driver’s seat has a lot of adjustments, and the shoulder belts have a six-position top adjustment. The dash is a work of engineering art with a large glove box, cushioned and adjustable passenger panic bar, easy-to-read center instrument cluster, a solid and comfortable over-molded steering wheel with 17 degrees of tilt, a center cubby, and four precut accessory toggle cut-outs with rubber inserts. The X2 1000 accessory switch occupied one cutout, and it’s a three-position toggle, while the RMAX uses a rotary dial. On the left, there are dials for lights and 2WD/4WD/diff-lock. The roof and doors keep most of flung roost out, and engine/CVT noise are minimal in the cockpit. There are also precut floor drains with rubber inserts. Our only concern is that people 6 feet or taller might want more legroom.

Where the X2 850 has a 60-inch track width, the X2 1000 has a 61-inch track width; longer RMAX-based A-arms supply 13.3 inches of front travel and 15.5 inch of rear travel. A wheelbase of 83.7 inches and exclusive steering rack add up to nimble handling.


The all-new 2024 Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 indeed delivers RMAX-level performance in a smaller and less expensive package that meets the needs of East Coast woods, mud, and rock riders perfectly. X2 1000s have ample and tunable RMAX-level power and delivery, top-shelf CVT and driveline performance, nimble yet predictable handling, excellent suspension travel and performance with price-point yet tunable piggyback shocks, great braking back up by highly effective and tunable EBS, and high-end creature comforts. The XT-R trim level delivers a VRX4500 winch, roof,  rear-view mirror, front over-fenders and painted bodywork. This 61-inch-wide SxS is a tight-woods weapon and weekend warrior after the work week is done.


Engine Liquid-cooled, 8-valve, DOHC, 4-stroke I-twin

Displacement 999cc

Bore x stroke 93.0mm x 73.5mm (x2)

Compression ratio 11.2:1

Lubrication system Dry sump

Induction 48mm Mikuni EFI (x2)

Starting/back-up Electric/none

Starting procedure Turn ignition key w/brake on

Air filter:

Type Pleated paper

Transmission Dual-range CVT w/ rev. & EBS

Drive system 2WD/4WD/diff-lock

Final drive Shafts

Fuel capacity 9.2 gal.

Wheelbase 83.7”

Length/width/height 115.0”/63.6”/74.7”

Ground clearance 12.5”

Claimed wet weight 1714 lb.

Bed capacity 300 lb.

Towing capacity 2,000 lb.

Frame Round tube steel

Suspension/wheel travel:

Front Dual A-arms w/ prel- & comp.-adj. Sachs ZF piggyback LSC/HSC shocks/13.3”

Rear Dual A-arms w/ prel- & comp-adj. Sachs ZF piggyback LSC/HSC shocks/15.5”


Front Twin-piston hydraulic discs

Rear One-piston hydraulic discs

Parking Locking lever on console


Front 28×10.0R-14 Maxxis Bighorn

Rear 28×10.0R-14 Maxxis Bighorn DC outlet On dash


Front High/low LED headlights

Rear Dual LED brake/taillights

Instrumentation Multi-function digital w/ bar-style tach, CVT temp and fuel; digi speedo; drive mode, gear, Eco, clock, odo, hour; icons for seat belt, oil, engine check, water temp, neutral, reverse, park, EPS & CVT belt

Colors White/Armor Grey, R-Spec; Titan/Tactical Black, XT-R

Minimum recommended operator age 16

Suggested retail prices $17,999, R-Spec; $19,999, XT-R

Contact www.yamahamotorsports.com

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