— Remember the Mickey Thompson Grand Prix Series? —

It was quite a sight as you sat there watching from a comfortable seat. A pack of quads and riders lined up on the starting line, revving the engines of their finely tuned machines. Then, they’d all take off in a roar racing to the first turn. A little bumping and shoving might send a rider or two over the berm, but the rest would go sailing over jumps, flying across the whoops, roosting around the turns and fighting to be first to the finish line. This was the exciting world of the Mickey Thompson Grand Prix series. To get to the events you didn’t have to drive 20 miles down some bumpy dirt road out in the middle of no-where. The tracks were right in the middle of town, in the same stadiums that NFL teams played. The most famous one of the races happened in the Los Angeles Coliseum. It was always packed, the action was always exciting and everyone in attendance always seemed to be having the time of their lives.

In the June 1993 issue of Dirt Wheels we took a look at the MTGP champ and the machine he rode. Mark Ehrhardt allowed us to check out his Honda TRX250R that was built by Duncan Racing, who is still building fast quads today. Mark’s girlfriend was there as we began shooting photos of his quad and she looked so lovely we couldn’t resist putting her on the front cover. You can say it was an article on fast quads, the men who ride them and the women who love them. Check it out below.

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