Currently, five 3-wheelers and five quads are signed up for Best In The Desert’s Vegas to Reno – the longest point-to-point off-road race in the United States at 534 miles. The event begins in Las Vegas with registration on Wednesday, August 16th, Tech and contingency on the 17th, and the race starting at sunrise on August 18th. Racers will pass through 13 pit/fuel stops before crossing the finish line near Reno, Nevada.

We know of another 3-wheeler team that hasn’t signed up as of yet – the same team that won Vegas to Reno last year, bringing the racer entry list to six. Rumor has it that more are on the way, with over a month to register. It’s very plausible that 3-wheelers will outnumber quads in 2023.

At least two modern TPC trikes are included in the five already signed up. David Ham and David Wylie will be riding one of those. Both are veteran desert racers and have raced this event since 2021 when Best In The Desert formed the three-wheeler expert class.

Wrangell Gubler, who won the class in 2021 riding solo on his Honda ATC350X (seen above), has also raced V2R since the beginning. We hear he plans to Ironman the race again but on a modern Yamaha 450cc trike.


It should be a great race, mixing old school with modern builds, as we’re told that some of the other entries are racing original Honda ATC250Rs and ATC350X machines built for the rigors of desert racing. This is going to be a wild one. Dirt Wheels Editor Jeff Henson is already packing his camera and video gear for what could be the biggest story of the year.


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