Thanks to a great holeshot by this Austin Abney, the 360 camera stayed clean and mud free for the entire IXCR event. If you are not familiar with the 360 technology, the camera records and can play back a view of the action from all sides. So with your phone, computer or VR headset, you can turn, swing of swipe to what view you want to see while watching the video. Check it out!

Thanks to BOOSTDtv, for installing the 360 camera on Abney you can that battle for the first turn with side angle view, look ahead at the upcoming track, turn back and look how Abney moves around to control the ATV or as he passes a lapper gives them a thumbs up.

Make sure to comment if you like this style video or not. We want to give you the content you want. Also if you want to support the channel by getting some BOOSTDtv merch, you can grab some at http://boostd.bigcartel.com/category/boostdtv. They just dropped a bunch of new stuff.

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