$6,000 FOR A 1970-71 US90/ATC90 OHTSU WHEEL?

That's the current eBay price with one day left to bid

How high do you think the final sale price for this 1970-71 US90/ATC90 Ohtsu Wheel will go? It’s currently sitting at $6,000 with one day left to bid.


It’s no secret that vintage sport quad and ATC prices have recently skyrocketed, and the same can be said about parts for these machines. For example, check out the current eBay bid on this NOS 1970-71 US90/ATC90 Ohtsu Wheel, which appears to be in new condition. We realize that someone might be bidding up the price on an effort to make more money, but we’ve seen these same NOS wheels in lesser condition go for $3,000 or more in the past. If you’ve got old 3-wheeler and 2-stroke sport ATV parts collecting dust in your garage, there might be a small fortune to be had.

It’s rare to find one of these vintage wheels, and even more rare to find one in near perfect condition.


Scanning sites like eBay and social media classifieds, we’ve seen sellers asking as much as $15,000 for stock condition Banshee’s and Honda TRX 250Rs, and in a few cases we’ve verified that the owners are getting asking price. And just look at the modern 3-wheeler builders like BVC and TPC Trikes. People are paying as much as $25,000 for 450cc 3-wheeler conversions. Sound crazy? We don’t think so. The crazy part is hearing some of the major ATV manufacturers tell us there is no longer a market for sport quads. Someone’s not doing their homework!

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