A Brief Guide To Buying an ATV That’s Right For You

Whether you own a farm or seek the thrill of racing on rough landscapes, an ATV is a versatile vehicle worth investing in. If you have to navigate through packed woods, ATVs are incredibly nimble and fun to ride. As the vehicle is compact, it is quite easy to control and maneuver through tight spaces as well. Moreover, you can customize ATVs to suit your unique requirements.

Often people managing land or hauling cargo are torn between ATVs and UTVs. If you’re on a tight budget, ATVs are a much more affordable option that can be significantly cheaper than UTVs. In comparison to the vast versatility of ATVs, the maintenance is relatively simple. In fact, you can easily carry out most maintenance tasks by yourself in your garage. There are a number of ATV models on the market, suitable for various purposes. In this post, we’re summarizing some factors you should consider when choosing an ATV. Take a look.

Engine Power

ATVs are extremely maneuverable, but that doesn’t mean you are ready to handle the most powerful ATV out there. Whether you’re buying ATVs for your kids or you are relatively new to riding, it is advised to choose an engine power that matches your skill level. Once you get familiar with an easy-to-handle ATV, you can consider upgrading to higher engine power. If you’re looking for a powerful engine, check out Can-Am ATVs.


As previously mentioned, ATVs are used for a wide range of applications. Therefore, there are many types of ATVs available. Here are some popular types of ATVs that you can choose from:
Sports ATVs
These high-power vehicles are suitable for experienced riders that enjoy racing on rough terrains.
Utility ATVs
From plowing fields to carrying objects, utility ATVs are designed for people that require vehicles for farming and hauling tasks.
Kids ATVs
These smaller and easier-to-handle vehicles are ideal for kids that are new to off-roading.
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.


Checking the tires is one of the most important aspects of buying an ATV. Look at the type of tread and number of piles. Different treads are suitable for different terrains. If you’re going to ride a wide range of terrains, then an all-terrain tread is the popular choice.

New or Used

Though ATVs are thousands of dollars cheaper than UTVs, they can still be expensive vehicles. Fortunately, along with brand new ATVs, there are gently used ATVs available on the market. If you require a four-wheeler for recreational purposes with no intention of regularly using it, then a pre-owned ATV is an affordable option.
However, it’s important to remember that a used ATV is likely to need more maintenance and may have other functional issues as well. If you’re planning to buy a used vehicle, make sure you find a trustworthy seller.
We used a matching Tusk Terrabite for the spare on a stock front wheel. The Teton wheels use different lug nuts, so it is nice that the spare mounts with lug nuts. That way, we have what we need to change a tire.

Electric Vs Gas

Electric models are usually less expensive to maintain and much quieter compared to gas models. But, electric ATVs are also notorious for running out of power quickly.
If you are looking for a powerful ATV, then gas ATVs make a superior choice. However, gas variants can be noisy and unsuitable for populated areas.


ATVs tend to cost between $6,000 (USD) and $16,000 (USD). If you’re short on cash, many dealers offer financing options.


It’s possible to enhance the function of your ATV with accessories. You can customize your ATV by including accessories such as additional storage, plows, lighting, handguards, speakers, and more. It would be useful to invest in a variant that can be tailored to your requirements.

The Bottom Line

For anyone who enjoys outdoors and adventurous sports, buying an ATV is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. Hopefully, our guide helps you find a model that fits your specific needs.

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