A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Right ATV For Your Kid

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

**If you’re looking to select a suitable ATV for your kid, this blog post is for you!


ATVs are often loved by both kids and adults alike. They can be used on many different terrains, have a low center of gravity, and are safe too.

But there’s one thing that can make or break your ATV adventure: selecting the right size machine. If you buy an inappropriately sized vehicle, your kid will struggle to control it.

Before you start scratching your head in confusion, read these tips to get the best ATV for your little champ!

Look for a Suitable Model

Select kids ATV with adjustable handlebars and foot pedals. This way, kids can continue using the vehicle as they grow up! Help them out by recommending trusted brands. Make sure that you stay with them during the entire process. This way, your kid will believe that you’re equally excited as them, which will boost their morale.


Choosing Between an Automatic or Manual Transmission

Most kids become ready for a manual ATV as they grow up. If your kid is still too young to drive, they’re probably not ready yet. Automatic ATVs are great for older children who can already ride a bicycle. These machines have gears that allow them to go faster. On the contrary, ATVs with manual transmission offer more control and are great for beginners.

2021 Honda TRX90X

Keep the Safety in Mind

Although they’re sturdy vehicles that can deal with various terrains, ATVs aren’t designed to be used in all conditions. For instance, many states prohibit ATV riding on streets, so make sure you know your local laws. Also, ensure you understand the safety features and limitations of ATVs before letting your child ride on their own.

For example, some quads only have optional lights. They’re not legally required, but they can increase your visibility on the road. Be sure to look out for these features before you make a purchase.


Additional Equipment You’ll Need

When your kid is driving the vehicle, they’re not just dealing with its speed and direction. Various other components such as braking and acceleration will be in their hands too! So you’ll want to invest in a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and possibly an airbag vest for your child before they start.


Get them Involved

Every parent knows that kids get bored of activities quickly. If you give them a huge ATV and leave them on their own, they’ll quickly lose interest. Instead, make sure to involve your kid in the entire process! Don’t do all the work yourself – let them choose the color they want, even if it’s orange. Not only will this keep them engaged in your activity, but it’ll also make them believe that you trust their judgment!

The more you include your kids in the process of choosing an ATV, the more excited they will feel. After all, they’ll be the ones who’ll be riding the vehicle.


Hire a Trainer For Your Kid

Before letting your child jump onto the ATV, make sure they’re trained by a professional. This way, they’ll understand how to ride without putting their lives at risk. Hiring an instructor will also ensure that your kid uses the ATV to its fullest potential.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to buy an ATV for your kid, make sure it is right for their age and weight requirements. Don’t forget to involve them in the process of choosing a machine that they’ll love.

And finally, don’t forget to hire a professional trainer who can teach your child how to ride without putting themselves at risk.

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