Dear Boss Sir,
A while back you responded to someone about bypassing the reverse rev-limiter on his Honda. Would this also work on my Yamaha Grizzly? I have the same problem and need more power when I’m backing up. How can I increase my Griz’s revs in reverse or disconnect the limiter? Thanks for your advice. I’ve just recently started reading your magazine and I’m really impressed with all the info contained in it.
Greg Jackson
Baton Rouge, LA.

Sorry, Greg, but that fix is strictly for that Honda model. However, there is a fix for yours too. Before I start explaining how to bypass the reverse rev limiter, you need to understand that this mod voids the warranty, increases the danger of a tipover, and should only be utilized by an experienced rider who understands the dangers involved.
Now, remove the left side panel and locate the ”green w/ white stripe” wire. It should have a clear vinyl insulated bullet style connector. Make a connector wire with a male bullet connector on one end and a female bullet connector on the other with a third wire coming off the middle. Disconnect the “green w/ white stripe” bullet connector and inset your wire adapter. The third wire is the control wire that disables the reverse rev limiter.
This can be run through a switch to ground to turn off the limiter. Or, just hard wired so the limiter is permanently disabled. My favorite is to jumper into the factory differential lock override button. You do this by removing the front rack and plastic to access the “light green/brown dots” wire that is attached to a white three wire connector. Use a Blue “Scotch Loc” squeeze connector and attach your reverse rev limiter to this wire. Coat the connector with dielectric grease to prevent corrosion.
Now when you activate the differential lock override, you disable the reverse rev limiter. Also note that doing the reverse rev limiter override disables the reverse LED. Most people consider that an acceptable tradeoff. Also note that the operation of the differential lock override is not affected at all. This makes a clean factory-looking mod as opposed to an accessory switch stuck somewhere.

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