The off road community has a fierce new weapon in the fight to keep our public lands open. The Action Program, a team effort between vehicle manufacturers, retailers, customers and land access groups was formed to provide national coordination and funding to defend the public right to access public lands for recreation. Manufacturers and dealers of ramp trailers and off road vehicles purchase access stickers for $25 each, install them on the vehicles and the customer is charged for the sticker as part of the vehicle price. The funds generated by the Action Program will power the efforts of local and national like-minded organizations, giving them financial and political support to protect access to public lands.   

The Action Program started in the trailer manufacturing industry by a business owner, who concerned with the recent rash of land closures, decided now was the time to do something to help save off road access and in the long run, the off road industry. The biggest issue facing off road access groups is the lack of funding to hire professionals to defend our sports in the courts, which is where the environmentalists have taken our off road battles. Once in full swing, the Action Program is expected to generate millions annually, offering, for the first time, the off road community a well funded legislative and public relations movement that will help save public land access.

For those in the fight for our off roading rights, this program is a long time in coming and way overdue.   The funds generated will ease the very strained budgets of our local access groups, and offers the money needed to hire attorneys and biologists to give the extreme environmentalists some real opposition when trying to close lands on bad science. The funds will now be available to the off road community to file lawsuits when appropriate, and more importantly, land agencies will soon know the off roaders have the money to sue if necessary.

The Action Program is still in its infancy, but with only a few months under its belt, it has pulled some pretty hefty industry leaders on board. Ramp Trailer Manufacturers on board include Alfa Leisure, Carson Trailers, Kit Manufacturing, Komfort Trailers, National RV, Northwood Trailers, Thor California and Weekend Warrior. Motorcycle dealerships include – Alba Action Sports, B&B Cycles, Beach Yamaha, Callaway Motorsports, Del Amo Motorsports, Eric Jensen Motorcycles, Extreme Performance, Funco Inc, Honda/Yamaha of Redlands, John Burr Motorsports, Long Beach Motorsports, Malcolm Smith Motorsports, Millenium Cycle, Montclair Yamaha, North County Cycles, Pacific Motorsports, Rice Motorsports, Sand Cars Unlimited, Southland Cycle Center, Tag Motorsports, Three Brothers Racing. With supercross Hero Jeremy McGrath on board as a spokesperson we expect every off roader to soon know and support the about the Action Program.

You can support the Action Program in several ways, first buy a sticker for every vehicle you own. If you have a close relationship with an owner of an off road shop that sells vehicles, call me and let me know so together we can get them on board. It doesn’t matter how many off road vehicles a shop sells, we want the stickers out there and for every off road enthusiast to know about the Action Program. If you are planning to buy a new off road toy, MAKE SURE the dealer/manufacturer is supporting the Action Program. If they do not, tell them you will be purchasing your off road gear elsewhere and DO SO.

With the entire off road community’s support, the Action Program will stem the current tide and balance out the scales in the battle to protect our access to public lands. Your active participation in this program is very much appreciated, if you can help in anyway, please call us at 800-42-CORVA ext 555.

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