We live in a world where trends are constantly evolving and with each day we get to see new
innovation in technology to provide us with a comfortable lifestyle. Electric bikes, on the
other hand, have been around for quite some time and will continue to be popular but the
surge towards this intuitive technology in the recent few years has been massive. Because
of its popularity, electric bikes are available in a variety of shapes and styles to meet the
needs of a wide range of riders.

While some are designed for off-road adventures in rough terrains, the others provide a
complete practical package for urban living. So, choosing the right one plays an important
role in the performance of your e-bike. Electric trikes are an excellent option for people who
are inexperienced with cycling or want enhanced stability from the added wheel. They’re
more comfortable, stable, and offer plenty of benefits to the rider. The folding electric bike is
a good place to start to get the taste of the best electric trike.

There’s nothing more comfortable and convenient than riding a folding electric trike like the
Addmotor CITYTRI E-310. Addmotor is a reputable electric bike brand that has
manufactured some of the top-of-the-line electric bikes and trikes over the years. In this
article, we will review another excellent addition to the Addmotor bike family, the CITYTRI E-

Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 Intro

The CITYTRI E-310 is a folding frame electric trike that can be folded into a compact size.
Despite the compactness nature of the E-310, the e-trike is powerful, fast, fun, and reliable
to ride. It is an excellent option for daily commuters as it emphasizes comfort and
convenience for the riders. With a stylish and sleek design to boast its aesthetic appearance,
the CITYTRI folding electric trike is available in 5 colors. The colors include Candy Red,
Yellow, Silver Gray, Neptune Blue, and Army Green.

Considering the easy-to-fold design and portability features, the CITYTRI E-310 is an
excellent option for people living in urban areas with parking issues. By following a number
of easy step, I folded this trike into small size and carried it inside my apartment. It’s that
easy. You don’t have to be a pro to fold or unfold this innovative design. Additionally, the
design also feels quite sturdy and robust to ride on, thanks to top-notch build quality.

Frame Design

The CITYTRI E-310 has a low step-through frame that makes mounting and dismounting a
breeze. People of all ages can easily ride this electric trike without lifting their legs.
Furthermore, due to the low step-through design, the E-trike’s frame offers a low center of
gravity which adds to its stability and traction. The saddle is well padded and comes with a
backrest which makes it suitable for long rides or daily commutes. The seat height can be
adjusted as well.

I took the E-310 for a 45 minute ride around town and it felt like a breeze. The trike’s motor
offers excellent support and it is ergonomically well-built for long journeys. The handlebar on
the E-310 exhibits a strong and sturdy design and can be adjusted according to the rider’s
sitting posture. The tires on this electric trike aren’t fat but still provide effective suspension.
The E-trike is suitable for urban rides but can also be a suitable option for a ride along the
beach or on a sandy road.

Motor and Battery

Powering the CITYTRI E-310 is a powerful 750W hub motor that is mounted on its rear
wheels. The motor can provide up to 1400-watts of peak power and 90Nm of torque to
provide swift acceleration and enhanced handling on various terrains. The motor also uses
the speed sensor to convert the power of pedaling to get assist from the motor. Either pedal
assist or throttle mode can be engaged and the E-310 delivers a positive performance with
both. As a result of the differential feature, power can be distributed evenly between the two
rear wheels, allowing the vehicle to take corners with ease.

The responsibility to power this robust motor is on the 48V*20Ah Samsung battery pack that
performs exceptionally well. It is capable of providing up to 90+ miles of range on a single
charge, making it ideal for daily commuting and long leisure rides. The UL-certification of this
battery pack provides the rider with comfort and peace of mind that the battery is tested to
be safe and reliable for long term usage.

Pedal Assist and Throttle

There are 7 levels of pedal assist on the CITYTRI E-310, so you can select the level of
assistance that matches your physical strength and terrain. The pedal-assist system offers
different levels of support to accommodate riders’ various needs. If you’re looking to get
more exercise, choose the low assist level and vice versa. If you are riding on rough terrains,
you can opt for more assistance so you don’t get tired too soon.

To cover you when you get tired and don’t have the energy to pedal anymore with a throttle
mode that can be engaged by the throttle twist on the handlebar. The throttle mode allows
you to ride it like a motorbike and helps you get to your destination easily.

Brakes and Suspension

The CITYTRI E-310 is equipped with triple disc brakes which offer Tektro Mechanical Disc
Rotors for 3 wheels to provide responsive and reliable stopping power. Moreover, the folding
electric trike also has parking brakes which is rare on electric trikes. With parking brakes,
you can park your electric trike easier.

Having a good suspension system is important for a bump free ride on uneven terrains. The
CITYTRI E-310 offers a front suspension fork with 80mm of travel to ensure a comfortable
and smooth ride. It also features adjustable preload and lockout to adjust the ride to the
terrain. With this feature you’re ensured to have the most enjoyable possible experience on
any type of terrain.

Lighting System and Cargo

The E-310 boasts essential safety features, such as the advanced EB 2.0 light system,
encompassing front and rear LED lighting to enhance visibility during low-light conditions.
Notably, this system includes left and right turn signals, flashlights, and hazard lights for
optimal safety and control. Remarkably, the electric trike can carry a maximum weight of 280
lbs, with an additional cargo capacity of 100 lbs, making it an excellent choice for
transporting various goods or equipment. Embrace the comfort and reliability offered by the

Bottom Line

In summary, the Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 electric trike is a great option if you need an
environmentally friendly, comfortable, and stable mode of transportation. With an powerful
and efficient electric motor, impressive range, and practical design, the CITYTRI E-310 is an
suitable option for daily commuting, leisure rides, or running errands around town.

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