Never has there been a day where a group of riders won’t be caught complaining about how much their thumbs hurt because of a stiff Yamaha throttle, or their Honda thumb throttle that is hard to hold pinned for long periods of time during desert riding. Urmosi came out with a unique idea that allows you to adjust the position of the thumb throttle with ease in six settings: closest to the rider, middle or furthest from the rider, along with height adjustments for bigger or smaller hands. Now, it can be hard to ask yourself if a $355 throttle is worth the hefty price tag when other throttles like the Dual Gasser sells for around $150 and can be used as a twist throttle as well as a decent thumb throttle.

 The Urmosi R system has to be set further inward on the handlebars than a stock system because of how long the throttle tab is.
The Urmosi R system has to be set further inward on the handlebars than a stock system because of how long the throttle tab is.

The Urmosi R thumb throttle is made mainly of milled aluminum parts to keep it lightweight yet still strong enough to be durable. The key features of this thumb throttle is that it gives you multiple positions of adjustment for rider comfort or hand size. You can adjust the thumb lever higher or lower on the connecting rod for larger or smaller hands.

The most innovative part of this product is that you can pull down on the thumb lever and move it inward or outward to clip into three different settings. If you are a young rider and don’t want to use a lot of power, the furthest position away from the body is best. For riders who enjoy slow, technical trails that require little throttle usage, this setting is easy to manipulate. The middle position is for the rider with decent control and is ready to use all of the machine’s engine but doesn’t need to hold the throttle open all the time. And last, with a quick pull down, rotation and release, the thumb tab locks in the closest position to the rider. You can easily use all of the machine’s power by having most of the throttle pushed closer to your thumb. This would be good for highspeed, dune or desert-style riding.


Depending on what machine you own, Urmosi R throttles come with two different styles: one for Can-Ams and a standard style. We mounted our throttle onto a 2015 Yamaha Raptor with its stock throttle cable that has seen its fair share of riding. It was easy to install and only needed a Phillips-head screwdriver and a set of standard Allen wrenches.

First, we opened up the stock Yamaha throttle housing on the handlebar and removed the throttle cable from it. This requires twisting the throttle screw on the housing all the way in to release tension on the throttle cable end to remove it from the Yamaha housing. We eventually removed the whole stock Yamaha throttle off of the bike. Next, we loosely mounted up the Urmosi R throttle onto the handlebars with the hardware that came with the new system.

We opened up the top assembly. There were more steps involved to assemble this throttle. Once you install the ball end of the throttle cable to the inner hardware of the Urmosi R, you have to slide the thumb throttle onto its connecting rod, then route the rod up into the housing and connect the assembly that the throttle cable is attached to with the spacer and Phillips-head screw. Once the rod is ready, slide it down into place and the cable assembly tightens on to it. We then could reinstall the top throttle housing. After that, all that is left to do is tighten the two set screws on the throttle tab to the connecting rod and set your throttle cable tension. After that, you will need to spend a lot of time test riding with the Urmosi R and adjusting it to how you feel it best suits you.

 To change the three settings on the throttle, you pull down the grooved lever and switch it to one of each of the three settings it has.
To change the three settings on the throttle, you pull down the grooved lever and switch it to one of each of the three settings it has.

We took our Raptor 700 out with two test riders that prefer different throttle styles. Our first rider had smaller hands, so we set the Urmosi R throttle piece higher up on the throttle rod. He also liked having the throttle position in the mid setting to have smooth power when he needed it in the trails, yet he could open the engine up easily with a stronger push of the grooved throttle tab if needed. Our second test rider has bigger hands, so the position he needed was different. The throttle was adjusted to the bottom of the rod and two Allen screws to tighten it down again, and he started with the throttle position to the setting closest to him. That made it the most easy to hold the throttle open for his favorite desert riding style—fast! When the trails got tight, he switched it to the furthest-away position by quickly pulling down on the lever piece and releasing it on the last setting. Now he had more throttle and power control over rocks and through tight trails.

The Urmosi R thumb throttle system left us with far less hand and thumb fatigue than most throttles we’ve tested. It would be difficult to find a stock thumb throttle we enjoyed vastly over the R. However, with a throttle that costs $355, it’s hard to justify the purchase price, certainly if you are going to be the only rider using it. The throttle tab itself is a bit long, so the whole assembly needs to be pushed inwards on your bars to make it comfortable. It was a bit difficult to get the throttle set up properly in the first place, as a lot of fine-tuning is needed, but once it is set up, having the ability to change the position of the throttle tab turned out to be very beneficial for different styles of riding and is comfortable. If you raced on a team where riders switched out on the same bike and have different throttle-position preferences, then the Urmosi R would be perfect. Either way, this high-performance thumb throttle isn’t a bad buy, and having the ability to change the throttle position on the fly for different terrains is really nice and keeps thumb fatigue down. It comes in yellow, blue, green, red, orange or black. Make sure you know which throttle you need before you purchase one. The Can-Am requires a different type, and not all throttle cables accept this throttle. To order this throttle, go to or call (407) 278-1217.

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