All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000

A bolder breed of Wolverine

 For 2021, Yamaha is expanding its Wolverine line up with a high powered cross-over machine to take on the Honda Talon X, Polaris General and Can-Am’s Maverick Sport. Basically the Wolverine RMAX 1000 is a totally redesigned Wolverine 850 however that model does remain in the line up. The overall stance of the new machine is 64 inches but there is some fender overhang bringing the overall width of the car to 66.1 inches. Two RMAX2 and 4-seat RMAX4 models are available.


  The RMAX has a slightly larger chassis, more travel, better brakes and a bigger engine producing 108. horsepower. That CVT equipped engine is new but similar to the old 850. It has a balanced crankshaft for reduced vibration and a feature called Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) . This feature will allow the driver to select between one of three different power modes.  All 108 horsepower is still on tap but the power delivery is changed for work or crawl applications, casual trail or spirited fast driving. This feature is similar to what Polaris offers in the Ranger XP and the Kawasaki KRX1000 has. Yamaha claims top speed will be just under 70 MPH.

All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000
All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000


  All four corners will use A-arm suspension. However, this Wolverine will have dramatically more wheel travel than the older animal. Up front, the RMAX suspension moves an impressive 14.2 inches and 16.9 in the rear. The four seat version is slightly different with 14.2” up front and 13.3” in the rear. They all have huge 2” fox shocks which are typically reserved for high performance UTVs. Furthermore, the LE models have Fox’s IQS on the fly electronic adjustable shocks. With a flip of a switch, you can choose between either a soft, firm or stiff set up. These are similar to Hondas (Live-Valve) and Polaris’ (Dynamix) but on the Yamaha, the shocks only change stiffness via the switch not as the terrain or your driving style changes like in a high end RZR. The base model RMAX’s are equipped with QS3 shocks. This Wolverine has stronger ball joints, larger brakes and hubs close to what the YXZ has. The bolt pattern is the same as newer YXZs at 4/156.

All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000
All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000


  The all-new layout inside the all-new Yamaha RMAX 1000  also has hints of YXZ and more futuristic machines. In the center of the dash, there’s a removable Yamaha Adventure Pro GPS unit. The driver gets a new gauge cluster and a peddle assembly that been rotated 4-degrees so certain drivers will be able to reach them easier and remain comfortable. The passenger gets a new contoured grab handle with a quick adjuster. Both doors get a soft knee pad and a pocket for a speaker. The SE model comes with a complete stereo system from SSV Works. Two cup holders are available in the two seater and six come in the four seater as well as multiple 12V charging ports.

All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000
All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000


The two seater has a dumping cargo bed with a 600-pound weight rating. Both versions have a 2000 pound tow rating. Like the Wolverine X4, the RMAX4 has rear seats that slide forward and stow away individually depending on your passenger requirements and cargo hauling needs. The RMAX4 has a cargo limit of 600 pounds as well.

All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000
All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000

  Finally for traction, the RMAX2 uses 30-inch tires all the way around mounted on 14-inch wheels. On the four seater the tire layout is s bit different. The tires are all 29-inches tall. The rears are 11-inches wide and the fronts are 9” mounted on 14-inch wheels. This lowers the ground clearance slightly and the wheel travel is less out back on the 4-seater.  The LE RMAX4 gets Maxxis Carnage tires, while the 2-seater LE and XT-R is shoed with Maxxis Carnivore’s. All base models also have great tires in the GBC Dirt Commanders.  See the full review soon at

All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000
All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000

2021 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000, RMAX4 1000

Engine Type…liquid cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve


Bore x Stroke…93.0mm×73.5mm

Compression ratio…11.2:1

 Fuel Delivery…Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI); dual 48mm throttle bodies

Drive system…On-Command 3-way locking differential; 2WD, 4WD, full diff-lock 4WD

Suspension/ Wheel-travel

Front…Dual A-arms w/ FOX® iQS piggyback shocks; 14.2-in travel

Rear… Dual A-arms w/ FOX® iQS piggyback shocks; 16.9”, 13.3” (4-seat)

Brakes ….Front & Rear Dual Hydraulic discs w/two piston calipers.


Front…30 x 10-14, 29 x 9-14 (4-seat)

Rear…30 x 11-14, 29 x 11-14 (4-seat)

Overall Measurments

Length/Width/height… 119.3”x66.1”x77.8”, 128.1”x66”x83.1” (4-seat) 

Wheelbase…86.7”, 90.2” (4-seat)

Turning Radius…, 236”, 236” (4-seat)

Fuel Capacity …9.2 gal

Wet Weight…1845lb, 1903lb (4-seat)

Bed Capacity …600lb

Towing Capacity…2000 

Color…Cobalt Metallic, Amor Gray, Alpine White, Covert Green

Warranty…6 Month (Limited Factory Warranty) – Yamaha 10- Year Belt Warranty

RMAX2 Price…$19,799, $21,999 (XT-R), $23,299 LE

RMAX4 Price…$21,299, $23,999 (XT-R), $25,299 LE


All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000
All-NEW 2021 YAMAHA RMAX 1000

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