All New Maverick Sport!

Can-Am, upholding its promise to refine its side-by- side vehicle family by the year 2020,
continues its aggressive approach in the off-road market with the introduction of the all-new
Maverick Sport family. This true 60-in. (152.4 cm) class performance side-by- side vehicle arrives
with both Maverick X3 and Maverick Trail undertones and, of course, innovation to set it apart
from the competition. Arriving with the most desirable and adaptable width for off-road
environments, the Maverick Sport is engineered with a daring, precise and confident design to
better equip trail enthusiasts in their terrain-conquering adventures. This thrilling family of
Maverick side-by- side vehicles will tick the emotional needle further in the direction of pure
enjoyment — no matter the end use.

At its very soul, sits a sturdy, rear-mounted 976cc Rotax V-Twin mill, one that delivers torque,
proven reliability and the unique ability to simultaneously connect to the driver’s foot and smile
at the same time. Buyers can choose between an unflinching 75hp Rotax 1000 engine or the
intense 100hp Rotax 1000R. Large air intakes, an oversized radiator and a Donaldson airbox
come standard on both, but the 1000R variety includes the larger airbox from the Maverick X3,
a unique exhaust line and muffler, an additional CVT intake and the same CVT driven pulley
from the Maverick X3 for more dynamism.
Much like the Maverick Trail vehicles, the Maverick Sport family’s engine is mated to a CVT type
transmission with QRS (Quick Response System) that includes P/R/N/H/L ratios ideal for trail
performance. The CVT also features Electronic Belt Protection for peace of mind. A hardy gear-
on-gear rear differential and helical gear transmission is both durable and quiet.
The Maverick Sport DPS models have Dynamic Power Steering and selectable Sport and ECO
modes for precision control off-road. The package also includes a selectable 2WD / 4WD with
Visco-Lok† QE auto-locking front differential.


Utilizing the same, stable 90.6-in. (230.1 cm) wheelbase proven with the Maverick Trail family
vehicles, the Maverick Sport offers a spacious cockpit, enhanced ergonomics and better ride
qualities than the competition. Steadfast engineering resulted in a low seating and optimal
front-to- rear weight distribution to generate predictable handling and ample ground clearance
for a wide variety of terrain. A supple suspension setup, complete with a Double A-Arm front
suspension, Torsional Trailing Arm (TTA) rear suspension and FOX 2.0 Podium shocks, improves
the vehicle’s capabilities and handling without comprising comfort.
Recreational riders and performance enthusiasts each demand onboard storage and the
Maverick Sport side-by- side vehicles reward them with cleverly-placed stowage for gear and
supplies. A large tow rating and class-leading fuel tank means long excursions and weekend
getaways are commonplace.


All Maverick side-by- side vehicles are known for their spacious, well-designed cockpits that
come standard with low-stance ERGOPRINT seats. Onboard conveniences, integrated
ergonomic improvements, added protection, half doors and driver’s side adjustability heighten
the off-road driving experience and have set the bar for side-by- side vehicle comfort.
The new trail-friendly Maverick Sport family offers reduced maintenance intervals and a highly
durable chassis, but its overall design remains DIY friendly. The Can-Am Maverick Sport family
comes well equipped (starting at $14,699 USD / $17,899 CAD) from the factory, but with
roughly 140 Can-Am accessories, owners can outfit it to their liking. The Maverick Sport lineup
consists of three packages (Maverick Sport 1000 / Maverick Sport DPS 1000 / Maverick Sport
DPS 1000R). The vehicles are available in three color schemes: White (base 1000), Can-Am Red
(DPS 1000, DPS 1000R) and Sunburst Yellow (DPS 1000R).


The Maverick Sport side-by- side vehicles are designed to entertain the trail and desert rider
with impressive agility, off-road performance and all-around composition. To outperform the
competition, the Maverick Sport family supplies resilient power, reactive agility and precision
control. Two Rotax V-Twin engines supply the new Maverick Sport family more than enough
clout to impress in a wide variety of off-road conditions and terrain. Meticulous engineering
results in predictable and adaptable handling that requires minimal effort from the driver while
also offering a sizeable contact patch for optimal traction. Whether it’s a rebellious adventure
or a deliberate stroll through the pines, the Maverick Sport allows all forms of enthusiasts to
enjoy the journey. Call it the modern cure for the unadventurous.



– Sturdy Engine
The Maverick Sport vehicles are equipped with either a talented 75hp 976cc Rotax V-Twin
engine or, for additional performance, a revised 100hp 1000R option. To gain more
performance, the 1000R package wears a unique exhaust line and muffler for enhanced airflow,
wears an additional CVT air intake and also sports the driven pulley from the Maverick X3,
which gives it an additional 11 ft-lb. of torque and 25 extra horsepower.
The engines, optimized for sporty trail and desert situations, are placed in the rear of the
chassis to produce a quiet, cool ride for the occupants. Along with reduced vibration, each
power plant includes engine braking for enhanced control on the trail.
– A strategically placed and oversized air intake
Located on the right side of the vehicle behind the passenger seat near the cargo bed, the air
intake supplies the engines with clean, fresh air for optimal performance.
– Oversized radiator
A large radiator keeps the Maverick Sport side-by- side vehicles running at optimal
temperatures even in the most challenging terrain.
– Donaldson airbox
The Maverick Sport vehicles were outfitted with a proven Donaldson airbox to ensure the Rotax
engines are continuously receiving optimal amounts of cool, clean air. The Maverick Sport
1000R uses the same larger airbox from the Maverick X3 vehicle.
– Sturdy CVT QRS Transmission
We paired the sturdy engines with a stout transmission to ensure unmatched dependability and
toughness when the Maverick Sport vehicles take to challenging terrain. The CVT with QRS is
designed to provide smooth, precise power delivery as well as predictable deceleration. The
Maverick Sport DPS 1000R features an additional CVT intake to draw more air to the clutch.
The CVT was outfitted with appropriate ratios to deliver optimal torque for the Maverick Sport
family and include gear selections for P / R / N / H / L. The system includes integrated electronic
belt protection for reassurance out in the sticks. The gear-on- gear rear differential means
increased responsiveness and less required maintenance. The helical gear transmission,
combined with the CVT rearward location ensures a quieter environment for the occupants.
– Auto-locking Visco-Lok QE front differential
The Visco-Lok Quick Engagement (QE) calibration supplies an even quicker engagement of the
front differential, which can lock up to 100 percent with no rev or speed limiter.



– Ergoprint seats
A Premium ERGOPRINT seats feature a sports car-like design for optimal support and weight
distribution. Each Maverick Sport DPS vehicle has been enhanced with colored accents for a
refined look.
– Adjustable driver’s seat
The Maverick Sport side-by- side vehicle’s driver seat can be adjusted to fit the operator’s
needs. The seat adjusts both 5-in. / 12.7 cm (front and rear) to adapt to drivers of all sizes.
– Removable cushion and backrest for easy cleaning
The driver and passenger seats feature removable seat cushions and backrests to simplify
cleaning after long off-road adventures. When removed, the passenger seat also features 2
LinQ quick-attach locations for added convenience and versatility.
– Seating position encapsulates driver and passenger
To connect the occupants with the vehicle, especially in the cockpit, the Maverick Sport side-by-
side vehicle’s seats are designed to encapsulate the driver and passenger, further connecting
them with the vehicle.
– Adjustable tilt steering
Drivers are afforded up to 25 degrees of steering adjustment from the tilt steering wheel to go
along with the adjustable driver’s seat. The vehicle’s gauge is even fixed on the steering column
to maintain excellent visibility even when the steering wheel is adjusted.
– Multifunction digital
Fixed on the steering wheel, the multifunction digital gauge supplies the driver with
instantaneous feedback during the ride (speedometer, odometer, trip and hour meters, fuel,
gear indicator, iTC modes, seat belt, diagnostic and clock) while also remaining unobtrusive to
sight lines with its seamless fit on the steering column.
– Ergonomically positioned grab bars
The passenger space includes ample elbow room and two ergonomically designed grab bars for
a comfortable fit. The first grab bar is directly in front of the passenger seat below the glove
box. The second grab bar is on the right side on the inside of the passenger door.
– Angled footrests
Two optimally positioned footrests for passenger and one angled footrest on the driver’s side of
the Maverick Sport vehicle enhance comfort.
– Easy access to controls
Every control within the cockpit has been tested and placed in an optimal location, where both
the driver and passenger can utilize it best.
– Cup holders
Strategically placed, two onboard cup holders come in handy when it comes time to quench
your thirst.
– Excellent Interior Space & Ergonomics
The Maverick Sport vehicles feature a roomy cockpit and ample cab space, designed to lead the
segment in leg room, shoulder space and overall comfort. Taking comfort to new heights, our
engineering and design teams spent additional time crafting a spacious cockpit to
accommodate 95 percent of adult males out there. The Maverick Sport vehicles offer 2-in. more
leg room than their closest competitor, which means even taller drivers will enjoy the ride. The
roomier cab was configured to comfortably accommodate two adult occupants without
sacrificing the vehicle’s precise and nimble handling.
– Optimized chassis design and mounting points
The chassis incorporates automotive standards, which means less vibration, additional comfort
and advanced air flow to the occupants.
– Advanced heat management system
An integrated front heat deflector ensures the cockpit remains cool, even when the trail
conditions are demanding.

– Huge 5.3-Gal. storage capacity
Onboard storage is essential for off-road exploration and adventure. The Can-Am Maverick
Sport is outfitted in standard form with 5.3-Gal. of onboard storage for added convenience,
comfort and functionality. This includes a glove box and two additional areas on the vehicle’s
– 300-lbs. (136 kg) multifunction cargo box
The multi-function cargo box includes 8 LinQ quick-attach locations, four anchor hooks and
integrated drain holes for added convenience and versatility. It is rated to carry up to 300-lbs.
(136 kg), allowing owners to utilize the space for light tasks and exploration needs.
– 1,500-lbs. (600 kg) towing capacity with 2-in. hitch receiver
Proven Rotax performance, and a hardy transmission and drivetrain means the Maverick Sport
family is a capable of towing. The Maverick Sport family can pull up to 1,500-lbs. (600 kg) with
its 2-in. hitch receiver.
– Lighter type DC outlet
A dash-mounted lighter type DC outlet comes standard and comes in handy for charging
phones and running other electronics you may need.
– Industry-leading fuel capacity
A large, class-leading 10-Gal. (38 L) fuel tank reassures drivers that they can focus more on
riding and less on refueling.



– Intensified Can-Am DNA
Like all Can-Am side-by- side vehicles, the new Maverick Sport has a superior fit and finish,
inside and out, to outrun the competition and satisfy owners from around the globe. Our
research and development teams design, test and analyze fitment with the end user in mind.
– Bold Maverick design with X3 heritage
Our design team deliberately blended the Maverick X3 heritage with that of the Maverick Trail
family to create the Maverick Sport. From the front fascia with the signature Can-Am LED
running lights (DPS package) to the rear cargo area and LED taillights, everything about the
Maverick Sport yells Can-Am Maverick. This means key family design elements include hood
shape, headlight angles, grille scheme and eye-catching lines are inspired by the Can-Am
Maverick X3 vehicle DNA.
– Two 55-W reflectors with LED taillights
Two powerful 55-W reflectors light up even the darkest of trails. Two, high-grade LED taillights
are added as a safety measure for trailing vehicles. The Maverick Sport DPS vehicles also
include the highly recognizable Signature LED front running lights giving them added charisma.

– Available colors
The Maverick Sport is available in three off-road worthy color schemes. A clean white plastic is
the base color offering. Two durable painted color options (Can-Am Red or Sunburst Yellow) are
included with the Maverick Sport DPS package.

– Profiled cage for better PAC accessory integration
The Maverick Sport vehicle’s cage was profiled to ensure proper integration with our line of
Can-Am PAC accessories. To date, roughly 140 some accessories will fit the Maverick Sport to
allow owners to customize their side-by- side to their needs and wants.
– PAC Plug & Play harness combined with 650-W magneto
An integrated PAC-ready wiring harness is mated to the onboard 650-W magneto, which means
sound systems, additional lighting and other electronic gadgets can all be added without
– 4-point harness ready
The Maverick Sport comes standard with 3-point seat belts. However, for both occupant
security and comfort, we installed the 4-point harness brackets on the Maverick Sport at the
Can-Am factory.
– More than 140 accessories available
The Can-Am PAC accessory lineup continues to expand with each passing month and every new
vehicle we launch. Our objective is to design superior accessories with nearly effortless
installation, seamless integration and an unmatched fit. To ensure the best fit in the industry,
we design every Can-Am accessory during the vehicle creation process. The list of available
accessories keeps growing, because we partner with some of the most recognizable
aftermarket companies in the off-road industry to let customers design their dream package.
Finally, if that’s not enough, we include the industry’s best warranty on all Can-Am accessories
for added peace of mind.

– Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
All the Maverick Sport DPS models include the single-mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
system that is tuned for both low – and higher – speed trail riding. The integrated DPS improves
steering feel in slow-speed situations. The intelligent system automatically offers less assistance
at higher speeds and more assistance in technical terrain at low speeds.
– Intelligent throttle control (iTC) with Sport / Eco modes
The maintenance-free, throttle-by- wire system (iTC) teams with a large volume throttle body to
produce smooth throttle delivery even if the driver’s foot is bouncing due to the terrain. The
Maverick Sport DPS side-by- side vehicles have a selectable Sport mode, which offers a fast
throttle response for quicker trail driving, and ECO mode for a smoother ride with a more
filtered power delivery.

The Maverick Sport family of side-by- side vehicles is game for nearly anything. The vehicle’s all-
round abilities instill confidence in the driver and its built-in capabilities combine to make
ordinary challenges seem simple or the more difficult ones seem almost routine. The newest
Maverick family member is spot-on when it comes to off-road exploration thanks to its ultra-
resistant chassis and a suspension designed for performance. The Maverick Sport offers
straightforward handling, with accurate power steering, taking the driving and riding
experience to the next level. This skillful disposition combined with class-leading comfort,
supreme traction, a spacious interior and Maverick styling inject more enjoyment into the
ownership experience.
– Dual 220 mm ventilated disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers
Ventilated dual 220 mm disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers, front and rear, give the
Maverick Sport vehicles ample stopping performance.
– 27-in. (68.6 cm) Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires
Durable. 27-in. Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires offer versatile traction, a smooth ride and great shock
absorption for trail use.
– 12-in. (30.5 cm) wheels
Both the Maverick Sport DPS and base vehicles have 12-in. (30.5 cm) aluminum wheels.
– 90.6-in. (230.1 cm) wheelbase
With a 90.6-in. wheelbase and versatile 60-in. width (152.4 cm), the Maverick Sport vehicles are
stable. This configuration also contributes to the vehicle’s improved ergonomics and additional
integrated comfort. The lengthier wheelbase produces less forward and rearward pitch creating
a smoother ride.
– Optimal weight distribution: 42% (front) / 58% (rear)
Thorough testing methods from the engineering team determined front-to- rear vehicle weight
distribution is optimal at 42% / 58%. This setup, factoring in the rear-mounted engine and
occupants at the center of the chassis, produced a driving package that can supply comfort,
stability and control as well as predictable point-and- shoot handling.
– 12-in. ground clearance
A very favorable 12-in. (30.5 cm) of ground clearance comes standard and assists with
navigating more challenging terrain.

– Double A-arm front suspension with sway bar and fox 2.0 Podium shocks
The front double A-arm suspension with FOX 2.0 Podium gas-charged shocks virtually
eliminates bump steer and camber changes while supplying an ample 11.5-in. (29.2 cm) of
suspension travel for a comfortable and controlled ride.
– TTA rear suspension with sway bar and FOX 2.0 Podium shocks
A trail-designed Torsional Trailing A-arm (TTA) rear suspension was engineered to optimize
both squat force and suspension calibration. The suspension equally and effectively supplies
performance, durability and comfort. The system incorporates strategic mounting points and
shock angles to produce ideal motion ratios on the trail and also to reduce the amount of
steering effort required by the driver. The rear suspension provides 12-in. (30.5 cm) of travel
and wears FOX 2.0 Podium gas-charged shocks to deliver outstanding trail comfort, whether it’s
a slower crawl or recreational ride at trail speeds. The rear shock location also allows for easy
access to the powerpack.

– Ultra-resistant and lightweight chassis
The Can-Am Maverick Sport side-by- side vehicles use an advanced ultra-light, rigid chassis
made of durable, lightweight Dual-Phase 980 steel and high-strength low alloy (HSLA) steel for
enhanced strength and added torsional stiffness.
– Perfectly tuned
The Maverick Trail is perfectly tuned with the driver in mind. Combining the comfort and
encapsulated feeling created by the Ergo-Lok cockpit with a meticulously calibrated sport
suspension helps the driver to feel connected to the vehicle and its ever move. To enrich the
experience behind the wheel, the Maverick Sport vehicles include a choice of two responsive
engines, two available driving modes and a natural DPS system tuned to deliver confidence-
inspired handling in both low- and high-speed precision driving settings.


When you’ve been asked to alter a certain segment of the industry, you better bring your A game and then some. With design influences from the Maverick X3 and Maverick Trail families, and deeply rooted Can-Am DNA, the Maverick Sport vehicles are made to exceed industry demands and exude confidence, inside and out. The Maverick Sport offers a perfectly tuned setup, one in which the driver feels connected to the vehicle and its every move. From the Ergo-Lok cockpit to the sport calibrated suspension, accurate handling and impressive power, the Maverick Sport transmits its own self-assurance to the driver, resulting in pure connectivity and enjoyment. This seamless comfort and unmatched control boost confidence, so the driver can experience performance that is as precise as it is predictable. The Maverick Sport side-by-side vehicle is as composed as they come. It has no fear of challenges or challengers. Its internal determination blends well with its exterior fortitude to offer a vehicle that can adeptly balance the need to be bold, courageous and controlled all on the same trail ride. Designed from the factory for off-road treks, the Maverick Sport vehicles also offer built-in protection for peace of mind and safety. Add in a do-it- yourself friendly configuration, that includes extended maintenance intervals, and you get a durable vehicle that lets owners fill their calendar with countless adventures.

– Ultra-resistant and lightweight cage
The vehicle’s robust cage is made of Dual-Phase 980 steel and high-strength low alloy steel,
which is extremely light and rigid. The 1.85-in. (4.7 cm) tubular cage is fully ROHVA compliant
and creates a protective barrier around both driver and passenger.
– Mudguards
All Maverick Sport side-by- side vehicles include integrated mudguards for added form and
functionality. The durable mudguards offer seamless integration and also added protection
from mud and other trail debris for the occupants.
– Integrated front steel bumper
A stylish front bumper provides added protection for the front end of the vehicle.
– Injected full skid plates
Full-body skid plates, made from heavy-duty injection molded plastic, protect the underside of
the vehicles while also allowing it to slide over certain mid-trail obstacles.
– Premium half doors
Premium doors create a more complete cockpit encapsulation and also deliver added
protection from trail debris for both occupants. The new doors also offer a seamless and stylish
transition from the front to the rear of the vehicle and are bowed out to add more elbow room
for both occupants. The doors also have an outer handle for opening and an interior grab
handle for use when riding.

– 1-year maintenance free, no break-in maintenance required
For the first 1,800 miles (3,000 km) the Maverick Sport side-by- side vehicles are designed to be
maintenance free and no break-in maintenance is required.
– Easy access to key maintenance items
We built the Maverick Sport vehicles with DIY friendly maintenance. We made sure the airbox,
radiator, oil, CVT, engine, battery and other essential maintenance components were easy to
reach for your added convenience.



Maverick Sport 1000
– 75hp Rotax 976cc V-twin, liquid cooled
– Selectable 2WD / 4WD with Visco-Lok auto-locking front differential
– Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC)
– Quick Response System (QRS) CVT with Electronic Drive Belt Protection
– 10-Gal. (38 L) of fuel capacity
– Double A-arm front susp. / 11.5-in. of travel
– TTA rear susp. / 12-in. of travel
– FOX 2.0 Podium
– 12-in. Aluminum wheels
– 27-in. Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires
– 90.6-in. of wheelbase
– 12-in. of ground clearance
– 1,377-lbs. of dry weight
– Profiled cage
– Adjustable driver’s seat adjustability
– 2-in. hitch receiver
– Front 55-W reflectors
– Multifunction Digital gauge
– Premium half doors
– Color (white)

Maverick Sport DPS 1000
– 75hp Rotax 976cc V-twin, liquid cooled
– Selectable 2WD / 4WD with Visco-Lok QE auto-locking front differential
– Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) with SPORT / ECO modes
– Quick Response System (QRS) CVT with Electronic Drive Belt Protection
– Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
– 10-Gal. (38 L) of fuel capacity
– Double A-arm front susp. / 11.5-in. of travel
– TTA rear susp. / 12-in. of travel
– FOX 2.0 Podium
– 12-in. Aluminum wheels
– 27-in. Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires
– 90.6-in. of wheelbase
– 12-in. ground clearance
– 1,392-lbs. dry weight
– Profiled cage
– Adjustable driver’s seat
– Ergoprint seats with color accent
– 2-in. hitch receiver
– Front 55-W reflectors with LED Can-Am signature
– Multifunction digital gauge
– Premium half doors
– Painted color (Can-Am Red)

Maverick Sport DPS 1000R
– 100hp Rotax 976cc V-twin, liquid cooled
– Selectable 2WD / 4WD with Visco-Lok QE auto-locking front differential
– Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) with SPORT / ECO modes
– Quick Response System (QRS) CVT with Electronic Drive Belt Protection
– Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
– 10-Gal. (38 L) of fuel capacity
– Double A-arm front susp. / 11.5-in. of travel
– TTA rear susp. / 12-in. of travel
– FOX 2.0 Podium
– 12-in. Aluminum wheels
– 27-in. Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires
– 90.6-in. of wheelbase
– 12-in. ground clearance
– 1,392-lbs. dry weight
– Profiled cage
– Adjustable driver’s seat
– Ergoprint seats with color accent
– 2-in. hitch receiver
– Front 55-W reflectors with LED Can-Am signature
– Multifunction digital gauge
– Premium half doors
– Painted color options (Sunburst Yellow, Can-Am Red)


Can-Am prides itself in manufacturing side-by- side vehicles that not only match up with off-
road enthusiasts’ expectations, but deliver a different experience by combining advanced
research, design and engineering practices to advance product development. The multi-
talented Can-Am Maverick Sport family of side-by- side vehicles are purpose built for off-road
journeys of all kinds. The 60-in. Maverick Sport vehicles offer optional Rotax power plants, a
top-grade suspension and must-have features to enhance the experience. Affordable
enjoyment is conveyed through superior ergonomics, impeccable control, terrain adaptability
and a distinct look that is uniquely Can-Am. We’ve done our job when both occupants are able
to trust the vehicle, its capabilities and functionalities, allowing them to gain assurance in their
abilities so they focus more on creating lasting off-road memories.



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