The proposal, brought forward by a small number of local residents, would limit OHV riding to three days a week in unincorporated areas, and would restrict the number of OHVs on private property — arguably the harshest such rules in the nation.

Edward Moreland, AMA Vice President for Government Relations, testified at a July 6 meeting of the Riverside County Planning Commission.

“A dispute between neighbors sparked a brush fire that now threatens to consume responsible off-highway riding in all of Riverside County,” said Moreland. “What this fire needs is more light and less heat — the discussion needs to focus on the facts. The AMA believes that those facts clearly demonstrate that off-highway-vehicle enthusiasts should keep the right to ride on their own private property.”

Jeremy McGrath, an eight-time AMA champion, two-time world champion, and member of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, is one of the riders who could be affected by the proposed rules.

“I know that this issue is important to off-highway riders not only in California, but all across America,” said McGrath, who rides on his Riverside County property. “I’m glad we have the AMA standing beside us, helping us protect our right to ride.”

A number of other OHV enthusiasts, as well as the California-based Off-Road Business Association and property-rights advocates, also testified at the meeting.

After hearing hours of testimony, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to postpone its decision until August 31, 2005, and declined to consider proposals that included day-of-week restrictions.

The AMA’s written comments to the Riverside County Planning Commission are available online in the AMA Rapid Response Center at

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