The intake funnel band screw can loosen and enter the engine intake, resulting in possible engine failure.

American Honda has expanded its recall of select 2019-2021 Honda Talons for repair of a band screw in the engine intake funnel, which can loosen and enter the engine top end, possibly causing catastrophic engine failure.  Approximately 2,000 Honda Talon models have been added to the recall from the 2021 model year. Check your VIN number to see if it’s included in the following list.

Original Recall:

2019 Talon 1000 S2 VIN:  1HFVE05**K4000003 — 1HFVE05**K4003902

2020 Talon 1000 S2 VIN:  1HFVE05**L4100001 — 1HFVE05**L4102280

2021 Talon 1000 S2 VIN:  1HFVE05**M4200001 — 1HFVE05**M4202760

2020 Talon 1000 S4 VIN:  1HFVE06**L4000002 — 1HFVE06**L4003420

2021 Talon 1000 S4 VIN:  1HFVE06**M4100001 — 1HFVE06**M4102218

Expanded Recall:

2021 Talon 1000 S2 VIN:  1HFVE05**M4200084 — 1HFVE05**M4203061

2021 Talon 1000 S4 VIN:  1HFVE06**M4100121 — 1HFVE06**M4102580

If your vehicle is included in the recall, stop using it and contact an authorized Honda Powersports dealer to schedule an appointment for a free inspection and simple repair, which includes proper tightening and thread deformation of the intake funnel screw. American Honda is notifying all original purchasers of affected Honda Talons via mail.









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