By the staff of Dirt Wheels ARAI RAM-X HELMET Arai is a Japanese, family-owned helmet company that believes that helmets are vital and valuable safety equipment meant for long-term use and extended satisfaction. Aside from a deeply held belief in absolute quality, Arai believes in a smooth, rounded shell shape both for intrinsic strength and […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels   CUTTING EDGE FABRICATION YAMAHA YXZ1000 Ralph Fickett and his son Shawn are long-time off-road diehards who have embraced the world of UTVs. Ralph has been involved with quads, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles; in fact, any toy with a gas engine, so he was open to the UTV world. […]


  By the staff of Dirt Wheels ENDURO DEL VERANO 2020 The 11th edition of the hugely popular Enduro del Verano beach race took place this spring in Argentina. The event has multiple classes, including teams and minis for the ATVs. Over 500 riders filled the 6-mile layout and included the End of Summer festival […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels EXTREME METAL PRODUCTS MIRRORS If you’re like us, you’ll agree that seeing what’s going on behind you is important. Even forward-thinkers need to look back occasionally. That is especially true if you have a friend following or just need to back up so we put a set of Extreme […]

WIDE OPEN: Less can be more

By Joe Kosch In the world of UTVs, the fastest, widest machines with the most suspension travel attract the most attention. They don’t just look wild; they are wild, but 64- and 72-inch-wide machines with prices that start around $20,000 and go beyond $30,000 don’t fit everyone’s UTV reality. You may want to look at […]

WIDE OPEN: Electric car shock

By Joe Kosch As I eased the General to a stop at a part of the trail that crossed a road, I looked for oncoming cars and spotted something I didn’t expect—a Tesla electric sports car. The speed the car was going and the way it accelerated on the uphill turn on the mountain road […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels XC-1 CONTENDER: ADAM McGILL Hailing from Waverly, West Virginia, Adam McGill can be called the “Bridesmaid” on the track or “Class Clown” off the tracks of the GNCC ATV series. In battle, he’s been the biggest threat to champions like Bill Balance, Chris Borich, and Walker Fowler, and has […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels BATTLE-PROVEN RZR S 4 Polaris introduced the four-seat RZR S at the Sand Show in Orange County in 2018. In addition to a few complete cars, including ours, Polaris had a bare rolling chassis on display. Of course, we had already tested and spent time in the two-seat RZR […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels WORKHORSE IN FORCE There isn’t much that sells better than a machine meant to get work done. We recently went on the hunt to help our friend John Gordon find the perfect UTV for his business. He spends hours on his ranch moving around equipment, towing small trailers, moving industrial pipe […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels A dead battery on the trail wasn’t always such a big deal. Getting a tow-start or rolling your quad down a hill to bump-start it would have you up and running in no time. Now, with the power demands of electronic fuel injection and no way to bump-start a […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels 2020 CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 While the sport 1000s and turbos get all the fanfare, it’s the utility machine that manufacturers sell most. This segment has a crazy number of offerings from all the major manufacturers. In fact, some brands have multiple offerings in the same category to attract buyers […]

Top 5 ATV You Should Know About

ATVs are not just your run-of-the-mill vehicles, they are all-purpose vehicles used for the toughest and roughest terrains. They are like civilian armored personnel carriers — in that ATVs can be used for numerous activities. Indeed it is looking like they could be used for an endless list of events and purposes. ATVs are used […]