Dirt Wheels industrial spies have informed us that Yamaha will not be sitting still with the release of Kawasaki’s new 650cc V-twin powered Prairie 4×4. We have heard that they are planning an early summer release of an all new large-displacement utility four wheel drive quad. While there is no definitive word on how big, […]


Mark Breiner of Palm Harbor, Florida, was a big-time three-wheeler fan back in the days and owned just about every high-performance model at one time or another. When his son wondered what three-wheelers would be like if they still made them today, it got the wheels turning in old Dad’s head. He bought a used […]


Polaris Industries has launched a first-of-its-kind owners club designed exclusively for kids. Modeled after their PRO (Polaris Registered Owners) program for adult riders, The PRO Club Go! provides youngsters with regular newsletters offering safe riding tips, details on organized family riding events, games, contests, and product information. The program is lead by (PRO) TEKTOR, a […]

How To Tackle Trail Obstacles At Speed-June’99

Pennsylvania’s Barry Hawk has been the undisputed king of the ATV cross-country racing world for the past six seasons. His points championships and dozens of overall race wins can mean only one thing?he knows how to tackle the toughest obstacles nature can throw at him.We sat down with Barry just before the first AMA Grand […]


Anyone who likes smooth, straight trails please raise your hand. We don’t imagine yours is going up, is it? Most of the ATV riders we meet on the trail love it when there?s a little challenge to a section. A tricky rut, a small log, some big rocks, a sloppy mudhole, a big hillclimb?you know, […]

How To Win At Cross Country-May ?99

Some folks consider cross-country events to be the purest form of ATV racing. Rather than racing for 15 or 20 minutes around a man-made motocross course or the groomed speedway-like surface of TT tracks, a cross- country race takes place on wooded trails?the same type of terrain most of us ride on every weekend. On […]


Wintertime for ATV riders in southern California means dune time! One of the most popular areas is the sandy deserts of the Imperial Sand Dunes near the town of Glamis, down by the Mexico and Arizona borders. During the summer it gets way too hot there for any recreation, but the warm breezes feel awesome […]

How To Wheelie-Mar’00

We don’t quite know what it is about wheelies, but they sure are fun to do on an ATV. And they?re not just for entertainment either. Out on the trail the ability to pop the front end a couple feet off the ground will make you a better, more efficient (and in some cases a […]

How To Corner Like A Pro-June’00

If you want to finish first, you must have every aspect of ATV racing down to perfection; starts, jumps, straights and especially corners. If you aren’t fast in the corners, then you?re going to be losing a ton of time every lap.To some observers, cornering fast on an ATV doesn?t appear to be that difficult. […]


There are plenty of things you can do to your quad to make it run better, last longer, and be more reliable. We have come up with a lengthy list of items we know can help you prepare for the trail or track. Included is everything from basic carb jetting tips to how to set […]

How To Insure Your ATV-May’00

We’ve been keeping an eye on a disturbing trend in some parts of the country. Several readers have sent newspaper clippings about “ATV Theft Rings” getting busted with up to 50 quads in their possession! You would think that thieves would be more interested in smaller objects like computers and cameras, but apparently many are […]

How To Make Money Racing-April’99

Believe it or not, you are not limited to only “spending” money when it comes to racing your quad. You can “make” some too. There is money for the pro class riders and products for amateurs who can show the results to earn it. Almost every racer has, at one time or another, placed high […]