Argo has announced it will be building their own massive off road vehicle the Argo Sasquatch, designed to take on the mud, muskeg and swamps of North America. Since working closely with the Ukrainian company Quadro International, makers of the original Sherp, ARGO has been selling the $150,000 beast under the name Centaur. 


Argo Sasquatch

According to ARGO, “the  Sasquatch will be soon crowned the king of off-road amphibious vehicles. The drivetrain on the new ARGO Sasquatch features Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) mated to a Doosan® three-cylinder 1.8 L high-output turbo diesel engine with ARGO’s HDT™ e-Steer™ Transmission through a final drive gearcase powering you on land or water or through that nasty, murky sludge.

Argo Sasquatch

The all-new ARGO XT328 71” tires are larger than life. These patent pending tires have been put through countless extreme terrain tests to swim, climb, and perform like no other amphibious off road vehicle tire. With a unique cupped-to flat-tread pattern, the ARGO XT328 tires provide superior water propulsion, excellent grip for sidehilling and extreme traction for overcoming earth’s treacherous terrain.”

Argo Sasquatch

Here are more features of the Argo built Sasquatch you will see sitting at dealers soon. Pricing and an official release date has not been set yet, but we will bring it to you the moment it does. We expect pricing to be around $100,000 U.S. with a Summer 2023 release. To find your closest dealer visit


  • Ultra-Quiet
  • Full Panoramic Viewing with UV protection
  • Premium Ergonomically Designed Interior
  • Fully Integrated Climate Control System
  • ROPS 3471 Certified
  • Flashing LED Safety Marking Lights
  • 4 Passenger/3-Point Safety Belts
  • Front and Side Doors with 3-Point Contact Safety Certification
  • Transparent Emergency Roof Hatch
  • Designed for Off-Road/Amphibious Use
  • Bluetooth Radio with Overhead Speakers
  • High/Low LED Headlights with Daytime LED Running Lights
  • Full Interior LED Lighting


  • Large 12” color touchscreen
  • Terrain Control System (TCS)
  • Vehicle operation controls
    • Speed, RPM
    • Fuel levels
    • Gear indicator
    • Air inflation controls
    • Inclinometer
  • Integrated vehicle health information
    • Temp readings
    • Oil pressure
    • Engine performance
    • Battery voltage
  • Navigation
  • Day or nighttime mode
  • Rear camera viewing


  • H, L, N & R gear selector
  • Torque sensing
  • Steering wheel controlled
  • Power steering
  • True Zero-Turn
  • Drive by wire system
  • Lithium-titanate battery package
  • High-output alternator charging

Argo Sasquatch


  • Doosan® three-cylinder 1.8 L high-output turbo diesel engine
  • ARGO Instant Torque Drive System (ITDS)
  • Instant Torque Clutch (ITC)
  • HDT™ e-Steer™ Automatic Transmission
  • Enclosed final drive gearcase
  • Steering wheel-controlled power steering
  • Wide range of operating temperatures


  • New 71×23-25 Patent Pending Design
    • Unique Flat and Cupped-Tread Pattern
    • Developed through Fluid Simulation
    • Perfected through Field Testing
  • ARGO Terrain Control (ATC) Inflation Management
    • 5-valve Independent Cold Air Inflation with Electronic Pump
    • Programmed One Touch Terrain Tire Pressure Preset Buttons
  • Engineered Matched Wheels with Beadlock Rings
    • Secures Tire Bead to the Wheel for Low Pressure Usage
    • Added Strength
  • Debris Deflection Center Enclosure
    • Increased Buoyancy
  • 57.5 cubic feet of total storage in-box capacity
  • Built from durable construction materials
  • Sealed bed floor with two drain plugs
  • Lockable 3.8 cubic feet side storage box
  • Multiple tie-down capabilities
  • Side swinging lockable end gate
  • Hinged fold down ladder for easy accessibility
  • Rear cargo 2800 Lumen LED light

See more of what Argo has to offer HERE.   

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