Ask your Congressional Rep. to Become an Original Cosponsor of the RIDE (ROV In-Depth Examination) Act



Last November, I asked you to contact Congress because federal regulators were trying to impose their “street-oriented” view on SXS users and the industry by proposing a Rule which could have devastated SXS recreation.


Your efforts did help delay imposition of the Rule, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is moving ahead with proposed regulations that have been created without studying SXS vehicle performance. The industry groups that represent SxS recreational vehicles have been ignored by the CPSC.


Just as with the infamous CPSC “lead-ban” on youth motorcycles, the industry and users must turn to Congress for help regarding these unwarranted regulatory proposals.


Last week, Congressmen Mike Pompeo (R- KS) and Collin Peterson (D – MN) introduced legislation to address this issue. They are looking for fellow members of the House of Representatives to co-sponsor this bill.


Link to the RIDE Act H.R. 999:


BRC is asking its members from across the country to take time to contact their own congressional representative.  It is critically important for you to weigh in on this important issue so that your voice is heard.  BRC is partnering with ARRA on this project and urges you to also review their alert and send in your request today. Also, feel free to call or make a personal visit to your Member of Congress’ local district office and ask them to cosponsor the bill.


ARRA has a handy link with more info and a way to contact your Member of Congress.  Remember we need both Dem and GOP cosponsors.



Please ask your Representative to become a cosponsor by contacting

Aaron Ringel – [email protected]  at Rep. Pompeo’s Office


Richard Lee – [email protected] at  Rep. Peterson’s Office

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